Schedule for the PlayStation Store updates during the E3

PS3-Sense writes "This is the confirmed schedule for the PlayStation Store updates during the E3, please notice that it's still uncomplete and more content which has not been announced yet will be added. However, the demo's and dlc has been confirmed."

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FamilyGuy3425d ago

Beta Testers start your engines. im loving Sonys conference the more I think about. Getting to the route of what we're all here for, Games.

Dom63903425d ago

since when is Europe getting Uncharted 2 beta thats news to me

Lucreto3425d ago

It was announced ages ago. It was a pre order bonus of it with infamous

Dom63903425d ago

They said they were working on bringing the Beta to Europe they didnt tell us how to get it yet

lokiroo4203425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

met code im guessing means with code, the beta starts tomorrow, just got a code from GAP this minute! will trade for ff 7 tomorrow interested? pm me maybe set up a new account with ff7 purchased only?

Milky Joe3425d ago

I will be getting 2 codes. One from inFAMOUS and one straight from Sony cos I'm an Official Beta Trialist!

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Lucreto3425d ago

I heard the store will be updated at midnight pst with videos that didn't get in the conference.

hindahouse3425d ago

where did you hear that?

Lucreto3425d ago

I am trying to remember the site. I was on dozens over the last 2 hours.

jack_burt0n3425d ago

wow sigma 2 and uncharted 2 :)

Gothdom3425d ago

Yeah, that darn link doesn't work right now...

edit: nevermind, just refresh alot...

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The story is too old to be commented.