Joystiq: One hand-on with PSP Go

Joystiq writes: "Here's the PSP Go that we got a hold of on the show floor playing Little Big Planet. Of course, the thing that kinda threw a wrench into the works is that the handheld was locked open -- which kinda defeats the whole point of showing the device."

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SmokingMonkey3427d ago

I can't wait. I hope i can play already existing LBP levels on the "GO"

Masta_fro3427d ago

i actually think the control placements on the psp go are better than on the normal psp...

it just looks like they atached a dualshock under the screen...

SmokingMonkey3427d ago

the PSPGO is screaming for that 2nd analog. Just move the start/selct buttons up and BAM, Two sticks.

I just need some sort of confirmation about my existing UMD games and movies, being ported/copied whatever to the PSPGO

Charlie_Shene3427d ago

i just cant wait to get my Hands on one to see what i think of this. Hope its Good!

KillaManiac3427d ago

I thought it was really cool, but if its download only AND smaller.....yet its 70$ more than a normal PSP3000 you can buy now that has UMD and download access?

I do wish I could put my current PSP in my pocket like the PSP Go! could.

Nice job overall Sony!

shadow27973427d ago

What are the buttons on top? (Besides the obvious L and R). You can almost make them out in this video.

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Parapraxis3427d ago

Wow, that was a lame f'n "article".

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

You can't expect decent journalism from them. I stopped listeing to their pod cast a few months back. I just could not hear their words through all their Microsoft arse kissing.

OmarJA3427d ago

Sold my 360 & getting this baby day one.

colossi163427d ago

I really want to see GT portable hands on!

Panthers3427d ago

Cant wait to play FFVII on this thing :D

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