FF14 Online to have "subscription fee's"

FF14 orignally named "Rapture" will have fees. Maybe even monthly fees.

In the information section of the official site.

Square-Enix confirms the platforms it will be released on and also reveals that there will infact be a fee.

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Gun_Senshi3429d ago

I loved FFXI I was 75 RNG RDM DRK DRG.

I will look foward to this and buy it 1st day. Also, Since its coming on PC, I will buy PC version for the simple reason for Add Ons :D

Forrest Gump3429d ago

I'd buy the PC version as well but I like my Final Fantasy on Playstation,so I'll get it for Ps3.

Will be playing Alan Wake,Modern Warfare 2,and Splinter Cell on PC though.

JhawkFootball063429d ago

Ill certaintly pick this up on my PC. haha FOR FREE ;)

Bart-Simpsons3429d ago

AM a FF fan and all.

But i really dont think they should have called this came FF14 !!!!!!

peeps3429d ago

FFXI was called FFXI (obv) but that was an online game

Gun_Senshi3429d ago

lol disagrees for what? FFXI on PC had add ons, very useful ones. I cannot imagine playing FFXI without ad ons

kazan3429d ago

i played FF11 on the PC, this one i wana get it for the PS3 but i have a question for those who have an idea, if i got the game for the ps3 can i log into the game on a PC using the FF14-PS3 account? (assuming i downloaded on my PC) ???

Tony P3429d ago

Seriously, no sh*t. You thought they were going to reinvent the wheel because it's on PS3? FFXI was on PS2 and it had fees as well. It's to be expected.

I played FFXI on both PS2 and PC and the PC version was much much more user friendly. So unless they've radically changed how you can play an MMO on consoles, I'll be on PC with this one too. It's barely announced though so there's plenty of room for expectation.

All Time Greatness3429d ago

FFXI Online is on 360....this is not the same thing as a regular FF RPG's whatsoever.

Aquanox3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Good luck having decent sales figures with a monthly fee in recession times.

iamtehpwn3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )


I don't play any one game enough to be charged for playing it over and over again.

Percy3429d ago

yeah you should tell that to blizzard i know they are having a real tuff time with getting users with their monthly fee. That sarcasm in case you couldnt tell

FamilyGuy3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Is there a subscription fee for Sacred 2 on the PS3?

Yes = Then why wouldn't this have one?
No = Then why would this have one?

A quick Google search says "No, there are no subscription fees for the PS3 version"

It says "TBA" so it could end up being free, it could. Whether it's worth the subscription fee is up to the consumer anyways. Basically, fee or no fee it makes no difference.

If there is a fee then hopefully the game is cheaper, like $40-$50, like most PC games.

NegativeCreepWA3429d ago

1.12 There's no fee for Sacred 2. I don't know if you know or not but its only four players, not an mmo.

evrfighter3429d ago

not excited for it and I still play ffxi (3 year player). PS3 Hardware Limitations will make sure that that it won't scale well as time goes by.

Pain3429d ago

SE do you want my $180 for the year now or in monthly chunks?


princejb1343429d ago

if final fantasy 14 is really a mmo
i say make it multiplatform, while it can also be played cross platform, that way the servers will be more full and funner

SL1M DADDY3429d ago

How many people played FFXI? How many of you know that it also had fees? It's a frigging MMO for goodness sakes, of course it has fees.

Did people miss the "Online" under the title when they played the video at E3?

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fat-american3429d ago

Square Enix is just evil to Sony fans. HA

pwnsause3429d ago

like how they are evil to 360 fans with FFXI right? $50 for to play on XBL plus FFXI subscription Fee on the top LMAO

Obama3429d ago

and 360 doesn't even get the title.

Now go eat some burgers.

killedinaction93429d ago

to play FFXI online you don't need a gold subscription.

qface643429d ago

yeah id like to see 1 person who is genuinely surprised by this

honestly who wasn't expecting this
its obvious its going to have monthly fees just like FF11 before it

TheIneffableBob3429d ago

Only way to make an MMO without monthly fees is to make it heavily instanced, like Guild Wars. Or make it based off of micro-transactions and leave the tech support to the community.

fat-american3429d ago

I think it was bad mistake to name this game. FF14.

makes people not want to buy ff13. as if FF series is worthless

Bart-Simpsons3429d ago

I didnt play FFXI. MMos suck peoples social life