EU E3 PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Update - After Midnight, 2nd June 2009

So - tonight there'll be some of the footage Sony didnt have time for at E3 - check it out...

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TOO PAWNED3425d ago

MS and Nintendo did better job than SOny, sonys press conferece was meh. They had a chance to win and they didn't.
No price cut, expensive PSP(pass but i wanted it, not for 250!!!), FF14 online (whatever who cares), most of the games are for next year or even 2011 (looking at you last guardian), no new PSN games, super lame press conference.
Only good thing was that MGS for PSP, rest, at least for me is PASS.
O and Uncharted 2 was awesome and GOW3 but guess what that is also 2010, gow3 that is.
Next year the year of PS3, push it another year, like always, until MS releases new console.
AND don't give me that crap that i am xbot if i say this, go check my old comments, my bio, look at my username, everyone knows i am PS3 nut head, but press conference was so lame.
Listen and Bombcast and other podcasts agree that MS had best show, so it's not just me.
O and BTW i don't care about 360 but i can be unbiased and just looking at all 3 press conference the other two did better job to excite their fans.

NateNater3425d ago

You sir are a complete idiot...That is all.

interrergator3424d ago

who cares if they dont have a ps3 price cut first off they cant and two they showed sh!t i havent seen b4 final fantasy 14 and 7 were so unexpected agent motion sensing control that im very intrested in so get ur head out of ur ass

shazui1233425d ago

lies I see. Well done you douchebag. youre wrong, live with it, everyone disagrees with you.

whatis3425d ago

WipEout HD: Fury expansion pack!

FamilyGuy3424d ago

They added a TON of E3 videos to the store, most of which was unseen. I think more will be put on tonight. More ps1 classics too.