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Neo6043426d ago

hopefully it the same price as the psp.

batman2million3426d ago

they said its was gonna be 249.99. That's too much in my opinion.

clinker3426d ago

I told everyone it was going to be $240 several days ago, and nobody believed me. Ha!

Obviously the price is too high, since people are in total shock about it.

Sarcasm3426d ago

The website says it releases November.

I'm pretty sure I saw October 1st at the press conference.

And yes $249 is overkill.

I think they set this at that price to make up for the 16gb of flash memory.

Still, it should have been at $199 only.

There isn't much incentive to buy a PSP Go over a PSP-3000 seeing as how the PSP-3000 is only $169.

ThanatosDMC3426d ago

Ipod or Iphones cost more... but people buy 'em. But yes, i doubt i'll buy it till it comes down in price unless there's Monster Hunter involved.

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sinncross3426d ago

Under video is lists avi, sweet!

ThanatosDMC3426d ago

I'm gonna put all those ripped DVDs on there plus whatever else. The only thing that i hate is that i need to replace my 16gb pro duo for a smaller one. I just bought it recently too!

-x.Red.x-3426d ago


how can i say no....

got my psp1000 still and brought it at 250 also

Panthers3426d ago

Me too, and now I feel there is so many more reasons to own one. With PS1 classics and 16 GB I am def getting one.


rCrysis3426d ago

wait. Memory Stick Micro?? What about the memory sticks that the PSP currently use? Do they become obsolete?

Could Sev or someone clear this up for me?

clinker3426d ago

The PSP Go does NOT accept memory stick pro duo.
Fun fact: It also does not accept the regular USB mini connector.

joevfx3426d ago

thast annoying how u supposed to get your game saves over to it? i guess they want u to totally start from scratch.

Tony P3426d ago

Not to be dense, but how do you even play your old saves if it doesn't take UMDs? Was a compromise reached?

BrunoM3426d ago

humm what about if u really want it plug ur psp go to the conputer and pass w.e u want to it ?

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joevfx3426d ago

why are they still just using wireless 802.llb. thats why its impossible to connect to routers outside your own home. i could never get my psp to connect to any wireless hotspots outside my own home. not even to the hotspot at the damn playstation store in san francisco!!! so annoying.

Sarcasm3426d ago

Agreed, they need to upgrade it to Wireless-G already.

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The story is too old to be commented.