E3 09: Sony Blows Away the Competition at E3

Sony's E3 conference is now over, GT5 brings us a little surprise, here's a quick recap.

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TheColbertinator3425d ago

Hahaha just like 360world says MS has a better conference

and Nintendo Power will say Nintndo had a better conference...

Bnet3433425d ago

PS3center got blown away, but the xbox forums didn't lol.

Lariat3425d ago

OHOHOHOHOHO no it didn't, Microsoft did.

LoVeRSaMa3425d ago

Sony did kinda win though =/

I did not murder him3425d ago

For every real media source saying different we'll get 3 of these pro Sony ones in its place.

Vicodin3425d ago

Sony not only just had one of the greatest conferences in history with:

Team ICO's The Last Guardian
MAG live 256 player demo
God of War 3 live demo
Uncharted 2 live demo and multiplayer beta starting tonight
Metal Gear for PSP - actually made by Kojima
The amazing cart racing game inspired by Little Big Planet
Rockstar PS3 exclusive megaton
Square FFXIV exclusive megaton
GT5 unveiling
Gran Turismo PSP release date

They had one of the most beloved and greatest game developers of all time come out on stage and utterly disown the single big game announcement at Microsoft's conference the day before.

You will never see another epic ownage of another console company ever again at E3. This was a history making conference.

RememberThe3573425d ago

Both MS and Sony came strong this year.

But I have to say Sony only shows us the exclusives, and man do they know how to put together an opening.

TheBand1t3425d ago

So it would be 'real media' if it favored Microsoft's conference, right?


CaseyRyback_CPO3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

says Edge.

and how did MS win e3 you ask? By announcing a multiplatform Konami game, not made by Hideo. LoL @ your life.

NMC20073425d ago

I came in here to say the same thing.

Vicodin3425d ago

Sony was King Arthur and Microsoft played the Black Knight at E3 2009:

'OK, we'll call it a draw."

blind-reaper3425d ago

I think this was a BAD conferences for Sony, the only things I liked was AC2 (but this is multi) Uncharted 2 (gorgeous!), MGS:PW (awesome for a PSP game) and God of War 3. Honestly Microsoft deserves to get the best conferes award for E3 09. Jack Tretton and every old dude from Sony need to take a step back and give a chance to young people.

PD. Don't stone me I am a hardcore PS3 fan I'm just being honest.

eagle213425d ago

I almost cried it was so GOOD! Even G4TV (adam and kevin agrees.)

AKNAA3425d ago

" I think it's safe to say that Sony "won" E3, but hey what do we know we're biased, right?"

LOL! I guess they beat the 360 fanboys to it!

SupaPlaya3425d ago

you are quick to a PS3 news article, quicker than the PS3 fans lol...

Aquanox3425d ago

Seems that behaving like Sony Defense Force is the cool thing over Sony boys now. A different term for unbiased. Wait...

gintoki7773425d ago

well most of the stuff we knew about except for final fantasy 14, agent from rockstar, and mod racers game w/e
if team ico and psp go were not leaked then there would be a pretty insane sony conference

Tony P3425d ago

Quite the strong showing, I agree. Two hours of almost pure excitement. And I don't even like GoW.

Milky Joe3425d ago

TBH, Microsofts big announcement, just like last year, was for a multi plat game. Sony really brought the exclusives and new IPs and for that reason I'd agree with this site.

You would expect pro sony articles from a site with PS3 in the name though.

RememberThe3573425d ago

I was playing nice, but you fanboys are freakin blind.

Sony gives their users a new PSP with five new (big) games, FF14 (exclusive), a new rockstar title (exclusive), A new Team ICO game, GT5 footage, and you say this was a "bad" conference.

If you think this was a bad conference, you either don't own a PS3 or PSP, or you just don't want to admit that Sony put out the good because of your own stupid bias.

menoyou3425d ago

Sony didn't blow Microsoft away but it was definitely the better conference, they did blow Nintendo away though for sure.

Aquanox3425d ago

@ Milky Joe

Kojima's game was no way the biggest announcement in the show, Project Natal was. Metal Gear was one strong announcement more, but this time there were others of the same size, or I'd say, even more exciting like Alan Wake (What a fantastic demo)

Add to that the impressive Splinter Cell ConViction, Forza Motorsport 3 (With great visuals this time), Halo 3 ODST, Crackdown 2 and Halo Reach.

On top of things, Sony confirmed what many fans feared: Both Gt5 and GOW3 are pushed to 2010, leaving this year to Microsoft's Halo, Forza and Splinter Cell's Mercy.

By the way, the price-cut was also nowhere to be seen, good luck competing with the Xbox 360 in thse tough financial times.

FamilyGuy3425d ago

They BOTH had GREAT conferences and people on both side of this "war" should be happy.

I obviously favor Sony's conference but it does not make M$s conference bad. Though Kojima spitting on MGS:Rising being on 360 and it being multiplatform kinda does.

The Metal Gear spin-off being multi-platform and not supported by the games true developer really does take away from M$s steam.

Their Twitter and facebook integration was very "casual gamer" and the PS3s web browser already allowed you to visit these sites "from the comfort of your living room tv" along with MySpace, Youtube and almost any other site you favor.

What M$ DID have that continues to make their presentation outstanding was:
Sharing your media with friends in a virtual space
instant play 1080p video store
Natal- milo
Their games that will surely keep their CURRENT fanbase happy. I dont really see anyone picking up a 360 NOW for their new exclusives that wouldn't have already picked up one. All their exclusives are of the same type that have brought a crowd in already.

darthv723425d ago

You are funny. I like your comment even though it is a little off base. The lineup for both looks great and I am glad both are experimenting in new motion controls. The thing I liked about natal is that you can flip through the menues using your hand (ala minority report). The sony idea has you holding a glowing ball on a stick. Neat but not really the same effect.

Kojima saying he has nothing to do with the raiden project...I missed that part but to be honest. why would it matter? It is still a game in the metal gear universe. 360 gets one, psp gets one and I can almost guarantee ps3 gets one. Maybe not the same as 360 and psp but it will be a spin off just the same (big boss based!!!).

Neither company owned anyone except nintendo. MS and sony both blew their little "intermission" away. Just give credit to where credit is due. both had a great show. no need to downplay to make yourself feel good. Just feel good about games in general.

Oh...if there had to be any kind of ownage it would be MS for their motion and media stuff over sony and sony for their big hit games over ms.

both still owned nintendo though....hands down! Nintendo: D, Sony: B-, MS: B+

gaminoz3425d ago

What a bunch of rubbish. I loved the games...some of which didn't have dates and where was Heavy Rain? But "blows away" competition? No. The Natal has way more potential (if you actually watch the video) than the tech shown by Sony.

No price drop. No PS3 slim. No surprises...I wanted something more from Sony. We all knew the good stuff, but they didn't have any can't 'blow away' anyone without some big surprises imo.

Hallucinate3425d ago

i agree with you OP and im more of a ps3 fanboy

DaTruth3425d ago

"leaving this year to Microsoft's Halo, Forza and Splinter Cell's Mercy".

Sony already put out 3 AAA Exclusives this year, so Microsoft has some catching up to do before we can "leave the year to MS".

Half way through the year and Sony already has them beat for the year!

SaberEdge3425d ago

This has to be a joke. The Sony conference was a big let down. Don't get me wrong, it was decent and definitely a lot better than Nintendo's, but it wasn't nearly as good as Microsoft's. Especially after the way all the PS3 diehards were hyping it and claiming it was going to destroy Microsoft's. Puhleese.

Almost everything they showed we already knew about. They spent a lot of time on the PSP GO and it was boring. $250 for that thing is too much anyway, I'll definitely be sticking with my trusty "fat PSP".

Most of the big games were games we have known about for months. I am as excited as any of you for Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and The Last Guardian, but none of those were even close to being surprises. Uncharted 2 was awesome though.

As far as big surprises all they had was Agent from Rockstar and a Final Fantasy MMO. Both of which are likely to be timed exclusives. Not impressed.

The new motion control device was neat, but again was hugely overshadowed by what Microsoft showed with Natal.

Where was that rumored ninja game people kept talking about? Where was the news about a supposed PS3 slim? Or a price cut? Where was the announcement of a "real" MGS game exclusive to the PS3 that so many PS3 fanboys were just sure was going to happen? Hell, where was the announcement or confirmation that even Metal Gear Solid Rising is headed to the PS3?

Seriously guys, the Sony conference was a let down. It was ok, but it wasn't nearly as good as Microsoft's press event. And I am willing to bet that most of the gaming press will see it that way too.

Montrealien3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Sony's conference was amazing, but I would have to say that so was MS's however in the end Sony squeezed it ahead, it was a great conference with great content. bottom line, if you are a gamer, and not an enthusiast, E3 has great news non stop for all our beloved consoles.

oh, and just btw, the MP beta for Uncharted 2 starting tonight was also pretty cool, glad I have my code.

PistolPumptMonk3425d ago

Wrong. When Sony says "exclusive", that is what they actually mean. Don't let Microsoft's definition of exclusive let you forget about the definition provided by the english language.

Not that you didn't know that. Your past posts suggest some pretty severe shades of green. And yes, I am a Sony fan so I'll just get that out of the way now. But I don't go around saying things as ridiculous as what you just said.

GarandShooter3425d ago

'The Natal has way more potential (if you actually watch the video) than the tech shown by Sony.'

That's debatable, but I'll agree it's some sweet technology. But until that potential is realized, from either technology, that equates to a new or additional way to interface with games, and not a gimmicky peripheral money grab, I'll reserve judgement.

- Ghost of Sparta -3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Actually, they owned the show period, no questions asked. Metal Gear Rising, their "show stealer", is also a PS3 game rofl, which isn't even a true Hideo Kojima game.

3425d ago
Montrealien3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Meh, if you actually care that PR said it was a show stealer, you belong in the open zone. Up until now its a great show on all fronts, being a real gamer is the only way to go, deal.

bpac1234567893425d ago

there's no way in hell Sony blew away the competition. It was either a tie or they slightly exceeded.

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ultimatek13425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

1) Didnt blow anything in fact just 2 unannounced games and a crappy controler(which i believe Wii motion controller is better and more accurate, and already available)
2) Flame War

Gue13425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

God of War
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2
The Last Guardian
Gran Turismo 5
Lost Planet 2 is also on PS3 now
Final Fantasy XIV

That's like double of what MS announced... plus a motion sensing controller that kicks the Wii-mote ass.

Dom63903425d ago

they didn't announce Uncharted 2 GOW3 MAG or Heavy Rain( they didn't even show that )
Microsoft had 10 new announcements

soxfan20053425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


Forza 3
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Splinter Cell
Left 4 Dead 2

Big games were announced on both sides.

GarandShooter3425d ago

'(which i believe Wii motion controller is better and more accurate, and already available)'

Well, seeing as you've used both you're definitely in a position to make that call. Oh wait, you haven't used both? Then what you're spewing belongs in a diaper.

wicked3425d ago

They show GT5 every year and never release it

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shazui1233425d ago

wiimote+motionplus/=/ 1:1

40cal3425d ago

I guess that most people missed that the PS3 motion controller detects motion and pinpoints location to under a millimeter. It is the most percise motion tech on all consoles.

Sony owned this years E3, if you think otherwise you are in denial or have a very skewed opinion.

wicked3425d ago

If you watched, it was 7mm and not 1mm, get the facts correct

justpassinggas3425d ago

It's not 7mm. He said SUB-millimetre. Which means, LESS than a mm so it is EXTREMELY accurate.

Lfmesquite3425d ago

I thought the Last Guardian looked amazing, New Rockstar game called AGENT, which we didn't see footage of so I don't know.

FF14 online is something decent.

GT 5 looked amazing.

Modnation Racers, looks like Mario Kart meets Little Big Planet. Very creative.

Those of you saying Sony is copying Nintendo with Wii mote rip off, Microsoft is doing the same thing. They gotta try this considering the popularity of the Wii.

No David Jaffe game was disappointing.
All the games were for 2010, so what happen to the great 2009 lineup?

Lou-Cipher3425d ago

I have no desire to wave my arms and legs like an idiot while playing games(I want to be lazy when I play games, not exercise) but I am glad that MS & Sony has motion control that is miles better than what the Wii has. The Wii is an absolute joke compared to the 360 and PS3, and I am very happy to see that MS & Sony will start to eventually start taking the market share away from Nintendo.

Rainstorm813425d ago

the 50 games they showed in the montage? majority coming in 09.

my only problem is people down sony because of release dates and no agent footage

but wait....

What did crackdown2 and L4D2 look like?
oh thats right no gameplay footage what so ever and they are coming this year

Kojima R* and Square Enix pretty much went against what MS has been trying to do the past 3 years.

MGS (obvious forced Kojima appearance) FF13 GTA all on 360

FF14 Agent "the true MGS on PsP" by Kojima on Playstations

spit in the face much???

LinuxGuru3425d ago

Tretton said there are at least 35 titles coming out for PS3 during 2009.

SaberEdge3425d ago

Yeah, most of which are multiplatform games. Do you want to know how many games the 360 has coming out this year?

I like the PS3, but many of the PS3 fans on this site are absurd. They won't give credit where it is due and are always attacking the 360 with flat out lies or faulty reasoning.

GarandShooter3425d ago

Saber, most of the games released on either console in 2009 will be multiplat. So how are the 360 fans any less absurd?

'This has to be a joke. The Sony conference was a big let down.'

'Almost everything they showed we already knew about.'

'They spent a lot of time on the PSP GO and it was boring. $250 for that thing is too much anyway'

'As far as big surprises all they had was Agent from Rockstar and a Final Fantasy MMO. Both of which are likely to be timed exclusives. Not impressed.'

Planning on spending any more time defending MS and downplaying Sony?
But you're not a fanboy, no.

SaberEdge3425d ago

GarandShooter, you seem to believe that the fanboyism is equal on both sides, but I'm sorry, I just don't agree.

The PS3 fanboys on this site are far more numerous and in general are more irrational and less willing to give recognition where it is due when it comes to the other console.

There are definitely some 360 fanboys that are just as bad, but they are only a few (I could name most of them off the top of my head, but I'm not going to call out anyone in particular). What blows my mind is that there are some PS3 fanboys that are as bad as the worst 360 fanboy on this site that have 7 or 8 bubbles.

I know the tone of my post was a little too confrontational, but the content of what I wrote is true. The tone was out of line, but after 2 days of having PS3 fans ruining every single 360 story I guess I just let it get to me a little bit.

Being fair and rational is not about making sure you say equally nice things about things on all sides. That is only putting on the appearance of being fair. What being fair and rational means is that you don't let prejudice or bias get in the way of judging things on an even scale. Believe me, if Sony would have pulled off some of the things they were rumored to show I believe they would have had the best showing, and I would have given them credit for it. But the fact is, I sincerely think Microsoft had a better showing. I also think the majority of the gaming press has come to the same conclusion.

waltercross3425d ago

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Your simply defending 360 fans with your own fanny

You only said that "there are a few 360 fanboys to that
do this" simply to make your own opinion look good.

easy to read.

I Think both MS and Sony had good showings.

God I Miss the old gaming days when gamers just enjoyed good games.

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Droid Smasha3425d ago

those Powerpoint slides and 10 min. sizzle trailers were awesome sony.

sony am fail