30° Sony own E3?

"Jack Tretton hit the stage and it began as most Sony E3 showings do, graphs, at this stage little did we know how great Sonys E3 was about to come. Jack remimded us that the PS3 had sold over 22 million consoles wroldwide this year Before brining on stage a Naughty Dog representative. The Representative announced that the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Beta is now open. He went on to perform a live demo, the graphics are incredible, destructable environment, Drake began by scaling inner city builings before coming face-to-face with an, what seemed, upset pilot of an helicopter. Finally the women interest in Uncharted 2… not quite as hot as the first."

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DeadlyYoshimitsu3423d ago

Very Detailed right up dude, Sonys Keynote was the best by far!

lloyd_wonder3423d ago


FFVII on PSN sealed the deal

CaseyRyback_CPO3423d ago

No stealing headlines by "stealing" franchises as Edge puts it. All in all, I was happy after I saw uncharted2. That game is the best looking interactive story driven creation i've seen in my life. Crysis beats it in just sheer detail and graphics, but Uncharted2 has just trumped kz2 in my eyes.

Jamie Foxx3423d ago

brought e3 back to it roots with games....MAG,agent,lost planet 2,gt5,uncharted 2,lbp racer,FINAL FANTASY 14,LAST GUARDIAN, GOD OF WAR

hands down sony aint playing games nomore but they want us to be :)

Last Likely Lad3423d ago

Was a great show, forget the competition, simply for gaming.

Forrest Gump3423d ago

Amazing conference,Sony brought E3 back to its roots with a bang.

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