EndSights: Grading Nintendo's E3 Press Conference


"With Nintendo's E3 press conference last year being somewhat of a flop, the pressure was really on them to bring the big guns to the show this year. They teased last year that both the Mario and Zelda teams were hard at work, so naturally, everyone wanted to see what exactly they had up their sleeves.

And don't get me wrong, Nintendo did not disappoint. On the other hand, they didn't exactly excel with their showing either."

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Forrest Gump3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )


I think much like last year,they focused too much on the non-gamer at a gamers show.

bigjclassic3478d ago

SMG2 will be a killer app
Metroid Other M looks real nice
4 player NSMB
Final Fantasy trailer
Golden Sun DS

The fact that SMG2 was shown made it a good show. All the haters can hate but SMG is king.

Mahr3478d ago

"Nintendo had a good showing in general, but they just didn’t have enough surprise announcements to hang with Sony and Nintendo."

Nintendo can't hang with Nintendo? Ouch.