Sony's ModNationRacers looks to impress

Don @ writes:

"When I first saw the demonstration for this game taking place with the characters resembling Sackboy, I thought this would be a segment I could walk away from and get something to drink. I then noticed the demonstration jump right into a race and was floored, the game play appeared to be smooth as were the graphics."

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arsenal553521d ago

THIS GAME WILL ROCK!!!!Day one buy for me.

play, create, share

Mr_Showtime13521d ago

Really think this game could be fantastic, maybe with more building tools to make levels even more unique by building contraptions etc. But otherwise still fantastic looking. Would be a great game to put on the store rather than a disk!

bpac1234567893521d ago

Looks really impressive. It seems easy to make levels, even more so than little big planet. I hope you can make your own objects (similar to little big planet) to be placed into the game along with the presets.

slave2Dcontroller3521d ago

I hate that Sony alloted these devs so much time to talk about it. The dev totally lost me he said that they are harnessing all the power of the PS3 for this game. Does'nt look like it to me but I guess its in it infancy or whatever. Still not impressed though.

You Already Know3521d ago

I think what they meant by that is the possibilities you have when creating levels and the fun things you can do while racing....

the graphics look like they'll be rich and it's not so much graphically as they seem to be going with the cartoonish look....but it's just the possibilities.... it's PR speak anyways...I'm shocked that almost everyone up there didn't say they used the PS3 to it's fullest capabilities...

crck3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

This game certainly impressed me. I've been dying for a mario kart type game with HD graphics and without the ridiculously cheap AI. But I think it will sell better if it was renamed Sony Nation Racers. Then include premade Sony characters racing around Sony game themed tracks.

Brixxer6003521d ago

LBP meets Mario Kart , absolutely brilliant idea which i think will be loads of fun.

Interesting to hear him say that Play Create Share is part of a new genre , wonder if there's any other games out there in the same vein ?

Greysturm3521d ago

Mario vs donkey kong 3 will have shareable user created levels.

PirateThom3521d ago

Echochrome also allows user created stages to be played and shared.

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