Prince of Persia: The story so far

With Rival Swords released today on the Wii and a new Prince of Persia installment announced for the Xbox 360 in the future, have created a comprehensive guide to what has happened in the series so far.

They focus on the recent trilogy from 2003 onwards and complement it with a good selection of video clips at the crucial points from the three games.

Note if you haven't played The Sands of Time, Warrior Within or The Two Thrones then this article will contain spoilers!

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XboxOZ3604277d ago

Great read and some excellent history of the Games to-date . . Looking forward to The Price Of Persia on Next-Gen, I have it listed in the Xbox360 2007-8 Games Listing, and do believe it will be much better than the earlier ones, especially now te developers can harness more of the Xbox360 and the other next-gen consoles.

Always like great articles to have links to for my Games Listing, thanks for this . . .

Neutral Gamer4277d ago

I do like articles that have proper depth to them and are written with a love for their subject matter. This definitely filled the boxes on that front and I thought the videos they put in were a nice touch!

Anyway my Australian friend, put another shrimp on the barbie and get me another Fosters me old mate, I'm off to watch Neighbours ... (starting in 5 mins UK time!)

Rasputin20114276d ago

Neutral Gamer nice news post...very helpful with the quick history lesson you gave regarding POP. I will love to get my hands on the next-gen POP.