First screenshots of Gran Turismo PSP

PSNow! has published the first screenshots of Gran Turismo PSP.


Some more screenshots have been added. 22 in total.

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Xwow20083425d ago

it looks like a hd game.

Mindboggle3425d ago

Obviously CGI....PSP cannot pull off a game as clean and crisp as that. Look at LBP and MGS psp. The aliasing is terrible.

SuperM3425d ago

Nope thats in game. Racing games generally look better then other games, and polyphony digital are gods. Very impressive!

qface643425d ago

yeah those racing simulators like forza gran turismo games like that always look good no matter what system its on

i remember gran turismo on the ps2 looking pretty good then i remembered it was a racing sim
always have that shine ya know

midgetsanx3425d ago

Dude, Just click on the screens. You'll see that it has jaggies and not even close to CGI. The thumbnails are too small.

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evolution543425d ago

I'm hoping everyone can agree that the game simply looks too gorgeous to be a handheld game! It's crazy!

I have been so excited about the PSP Go! ever since they announced it. So many exclusives coming to the device, it's not even funny.

sniper-squeak3425d ago

...what happens when ur 16Gb and ur Memory stick become filled up with games..? each game is around ~1Gb, so is there an external way to store the games, maybe on the new PSP media centre?

SuperM3425d ago

You can add memory stick aswell if im not mistaken

qface643425d ago

if that happens then its gonna be the same thing was happening with the wii
deleting your games and re downloading them when you want them back

sniper-squeak3425d ago

I had a PSP-1000 but sold it and still have 4 UMD games... I might just get a PSP-3000 now and carry on buying UMD games while just waiting for the PSP2 to come out because I won't face a loss that way.

Eventually I know I'l have to go digital but I wanna do that only when the "proper" console it's aimed for comes out and that's the PSP2

bjornbear3425d ago

They seem amazing for in game, but they also seem too bad for a CGI...i think its either a mix, or it actually looks that good! (don't forget, this is Polyphinic Digital, these guys know what they r doing, + MGS: Peace Walker wasnt finished and Kojima said he was going to perfect it...who knows!!

Either way, very interesting =)

Montreafart3425d ago

That monkey from MS was saying?

Forza just got owned.

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