E3 09: Gran Turismo Going NASCAR

Well, even though Sony focused on GT Mobile during their E3 briefing, they did show a new trailer for the ucoming GT5. However, possibly the most interesting part of this video was the inclusion of the World Rally Championship and NASCAR logos during the clip.

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sinncross3429d ago

Shud have showcased F1 as well, but GT5 is sure looking like a winner!

PirateThom3429d ago

They can use the F1 cars, but not the F1 licence. I think it was just to show the authentic licences they have. F1 cars will be in the game, just no F1 logos or anything.

Jeremy Clarkson3429d ago

I think it's silly that more racing organisations don't jump on board. At the end of the day, it's promoting their sport, especially because it's reaching so many people.

bpac1234567893429d ago

- there's still no release date
-still no gameplay (yes i know the video was ingame)
-and there releasing a psp version before the ps3 (WTF)

Its going on six years now, Sony needs to release Gran Turismo 5.

Ichiryoka3428d ago

Release date maybe???

er release year.. who knows.

Spdrcr19553428d ago

So still no date I am beginning to wonder if they can even get this thing done since they keep adding more and more to it. Just give me damage in GT5P and I can wait a while but I will be buying other racing games. This is not an ICO franchise...PD needs to get off the pot and get this out the door now...