FF XIV Online Coming to PS3 and PC

Square Enix has revealed a new Final Fantasy MMORPG is on the way. First announced during Sony's E3 2009 Media Briefing, Final Fantasy XIV Online will have a simultaneous worldwide release in 2010.

Update: confirms:

Platforms: Playstation 3; Windows

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villevalorox3424d ago

i thought It was only ps3 and nothing else?

Ausbo3424d ago

i guess it isn't an exclusive since i can play it on my pc

Mindboggle3424d ago

Nice one. I see what you did there...

talltony3424d ago

Neither is alan wake, left 4 dead 2, or Mass effect 2. Nice try though!

hay3424d ago

Well, it's the same thing when xbox fanboys treat xbox/pc games as exclusive. In both cases quite a BS if you ask me.

menoyou3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Awesome. This game looks great. Serious art direction (no stupid cross dressers and stuff), a serious looking world with dragons and darkness. I am more excited for this game than FFXIII after seeing FFXIII's average gameplay. Hopefully Square-enix gives us the MMORPG of our dreams and knocks WoW off the top.

gaffyh3424d ago

Great observation Ausbo, I expect no Xbox fanboys now to complain when PS fanboys say that most of the good games on 360 are also on PC.

And yeah it isn't exclusive anymore. But still a good announcement by Sony.

vhero3424d ago

Wow you 360 fanboys are quick to say its not exclusive if its on PC but you still call games like gears of war and halo exclusive hahaha 2 sides to every coin I guess how about you grow up and either admit 1 or the other? The fact is if you truly think this is not an exclusive than owning a 360 if you have a decent PC is a stupid idea am I wrong? As we all know Halo 3 and Fable 2 etc.. will be on PC before the end of 2010.

Cheeseknight283424d ago

Wow you guys can't pick up on sarcasm. Ausbo was throwing your argument into your faces, and you can't even pick up on it. Amazing.

OgTheClever3424d ago

Tretten said it was PS3 console exclusive.

maniacmayhem3424d ago

That's because most of these people are the biggest hypocrites ever.

CaseyRyback_CPO3424d ago

Just like (entire 360 library minus 5 titles) So if the xbox fanboys wanna admit that its not an exclusive, do the same for your entire e3 lineup.

And after that, look over your shoulder to see that the PS3's real exclusive list totally dwarfs the 360's, as always.

maniacmayhem3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Actually mr.casy its only the Sony fanboys who scream at the top of their lungs that anything on PC and MS is not an exclusive.

Most X-fans don't care since their game is on their console of choice.

But please spin this and turn it around as much as you would like. You are one of the main offenders.

JoySticksFTW3424d ago

Sure, it's dated now but in it's day - the population, and sense of wonder, discovery, and classes / sub-jobs could not be beat.

I'm actually really amped about this

Bnet3433424d ago

I think the one major difference is that when a PS3 game is also on PC, Microsoft gets a slice of the pie. When a 360 game is also on PC, Sony gets no pie. Other then that, do people really care about an MMO?

Caffo013424d ago

sure that i care!i loved ffxi and now i'm even more excited about ffxiv

XLiveGamer3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

@ 1.1 Ausbo: "i guess it isn't an exclusive since i can play it on my pc"

Oh my God!! How rude and mean from your part! LOL!

This one is jumping to X360 BOOKMARK This page and comment please
Just wait for Next E3 2010.

At the guy below: Wow you sound like you need a hug. Did somebody hurt you in the past?

CaseyRyback_CPO3424d ago

You only have to pay for windows once. Which most people do, at the same time most people also buy Sony electronics, and see sony films etc.

There is absolutely no difference here. Its not exclusive to 1 device. You can play it on multiple devices, hence.. multiple platform. None of the 360 fanboys get any benefit from Microsofts earnings. You still have a broken console that spins the roulette wheel of repair everytime its powered on, now maybe if that $ for windows went into 360 hardware, you'd have an argument. Hell you'd have an argument if M$ invested in new IP's so you wouldn't have to make up arguments about what the number 1 means. It means 1, not 2. But we don't live in that world. We Live in a world where few 360 games are on 1 device.

Much like ff14 is multiplat, so is Alan Wake, Huxley, Warhound, Mass Effect2, Lost Planet2 and im sure you know the rest.

evrfighter3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

LOL....wait a minute....

crap this blows. Like FFXI and the ps2, pc users are gonna be gimped by PS3 limitations...


BattleAxe3424d ago

Megaton huge anouncement on dat @ss!!

SL1M DADDY3423d ago

maybe that would have sounded a bit better at the press confrence? I guess the 360 subscription for FFXI must be low...

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TheColbertinator3424d ago

So its coming to PC as well? Then its not really exclusive.PS3 lost this "exclusive" in minutes lol

gambare3424d ago

"So its coming to PC as well? Then its not really exclusive.PS3 lost this "exclusive" in minutes lol "

so is Alan Wake

TheColbertinator3424d ago

Yeah I know.I plan to get Alan Wake for PC.

Splinter Cell Conviction and Mass Effect 2 isn't really excluisve either.Still I thought Sony would play the FFXXIV card better than another MMO.I think more footage of FFXIII Versus or Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a smarter play

ptotoy3424d ago

haha.. 3fixme down to 2 exclusives..

Obama3424d ago

yeah I agree that this is not actually exclusive, just like how 360 doesn't really have ANY exclusive titles besides a notable few.

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disgaea3424d ago

he said this is ONLY Console you can play this on

qface643424d ago

serious question here people dead serious

why are allot of people all of a sudden looking forward to this game?
i mean no one really even liked FF11 much because of the fact that it was mmo
all of a sudden though everyone is so excited about it why?
im being serious here i don't get it what happened all of a sudden?

also i remember everyone was bashing monster hunter 3 for having a monthly subscription thing
you guys do realize this game will to just like ff1

Caffo013424d ago

rofl who didn't like ffxi?it has a lot of subscriptions even now that it is 6 (or more) years old...i played it for 4 years and loved it!

Ichiryoka3424d ago

Personally I am so hyped for this, I almost fell out of my seat when they said FF14. Just Wow! Trust me there will be ALOT of people buying this game whether its for ps3 or pc. I used to play 11 alot, I got up to level 40 as a blu mage. The world was beautiful, I love everything about ff11, I just hope we can solo better in this one is all.

UnblessedSoul3424d ago

If that were true then Microsoft has no exclusives