Burning UMDs onto the PSP Go?

IGN writes:

"Now that Sony's press conference is over and the PSP Go has officially been unveiled to the public (beyond last weekend's unfortunate leak), we here at IGN have one burning question: what will you do with all your old UMDs once you own a shiny Go?"

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TheBand1t3477d ago

Nope. They clearly stated this is an option, and they are not replacing UMD.

So if you buy a PSP Go expecting to play that UMD collection of yours, tough titty.

Silellak3477d ago

Is it really so unreasonable for people to expect such an option? I can guarantee this will prevent me from even considering a PSP Go, unless it gets hacked so I can move my old games on there.

FamilyGuy3477d ago

Continue to play them on your current psp and only buy games download-able for the PspGo!

Lucreto3477d ago

I would love a way to transfer my current games onto the PSP GO. If it is possible I would buy it instantly.

D4RkNIKON3477d ago

It might not be day one lol, but give it some time and.. Dark_AleX will unlock the true power of the PSP GO! Then you can make digital backups (copies) to transfer your UMD collection to the new model. Haha my current UMD collection is backed up digitally and I take my 8 GB memory stick where ever I go, loaded with games!

The Great Melon3477d ago

I would buy it too if you could transfer umd games to it. I own too many games to just upgrade and forget. D4RkNIKON has a point though, Dark Alex will make it possible if Sony forgets to add the capability. While he has caused harm to the system, he to me has made the psp a far better product in my book.

dp2774073477d ago

I think they'll update all the old psp games onto the downloadable store , most popular first then fill in the gaps

joevfx3477d ago

they already have most of the PSP games as downloadable in japan so they will prolly make tha available to the US. I think i might get a GO and sell my old UMD psp. I never liked carryign around a care to hold all the games and what not. wish it was more the 16GB though, hopefully it has a card reader too so u can add more memory. im sure it does.

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The story is too old to be commented.