Gran Turismo 5 Features Nascar, Pits, Off-Road Racing, Damage [screenshots]

Blend Games writes,

"The new GT5 features everything you could possibly have wanted from the game and then some. In addition to some new features announced regarding the game we have some exclusive new screen-captures for you."

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cysna3428d ago

Why o why are they wasting their time with the car damage??!! It's Gran Turismo!! Not a DAMAGE SIMULATOR! Waste of time if you ask me and many of the fans of GT. Ah well I'm just going to turn it off if it hurts my driving.

Nascar was cool though..

A Pit crew.. hmmm well just a flavour.

What else. I hope it's coming out when they say it is. I'm just going to test a punch of sport cars and make the best lap times humanly possible, afterwards check out every flaw with different camera angles and make my way to the top ten :D... (but damn all those Japanese have crazy records)

George Sears3428d ago

Well you need to understand that Pholyphony Digital want a Real Driving Simulation so they probably just wanted to add car damage to be more keen to there goals.

Now that they have the hardware compared that towards the PS2, I think adding car damage would be a nice touch towards there main goal.

cyguration3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

How can you be a racing simulator aficiando and not accept damage as part of the package?

Only arcade gamers would enjoy running into a wall at 300kphs and seeing the car bounce to the side and continue on its path yet call it a "simulator".

This finally puts the arguments to the test between Forza and GT now that both will have similar features.

Daz3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

screenshots are very nice. BUt i like to see someone playing it not replays :P

Nikkelz3428d ago

polyphony digital is doing what they do best....give you the most authentic driving simulator on the planet and added real world damage and NASCAR,these guys are gaming gods......if you want to justify 60 you go,the most authentic,realistic,ROBUST racing simulator ever created

peace and game on

PirateThom3428d ago

That trailer was short, but it confirmed a lot.