GameSpot: Gran Turismo 5 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "With Microsoft unveiling Forza Motorsport 3 yesterday and now Sony doing the same for Gran Turismo 5, it's clear that hardcore racing games are back on the agenda. No release date was announced today, but we'll be all over the Sony booth today to find out more".

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Forrest Gump3427d ago

Greatest racer ever made?


CaseyRyback_CPO3427d ago

Hell Gran Turismo is the reason the USA has the WRX.

With the full official WKC mode & Nascar modes, and Ssupercar modes, as well as road cars, it pretty much creates the most complete driving sim out there, and full support of the G25 wheel/other wheels matches perfectly.

FInally got a glimpse at damage, which should stfu oh I dont know.. the entire internet?

However, I bought the PS3 for Bluray/GT and metal gear. Prologue is ok.. but im desperately-and patiently waiting for the next addition to the series. I think they finally nailed the total ferrari licensing too, as the Enzo was in the PSP game, and the Gt5prologue debuted Ferrari's newest car, the California.

All done in GT's legendary second to none treatment. Boy 20?? is going to be a good day.

sedx3427d ago

a psp gran turismo has 800 cars in it.... forza 3 600 cars..

anyone can explain this LOL

ColossiSlayer3427d ago

But this Polyphony were talking about, The Model T was in GT4.... the MFn Model T, they'll put in as many cars and tracks as they possibly can. The real number of cars is prolly 850 or so.

felonycarclub3427d ago

its always worth the wait i just watched the trailer and it just blew my mind away it always does, take your time polyphony your gona get my money no matter what. gran turismo 1 was the game that brought me 2 playstation and am glad i have been able to expirience every single one of them, cus there is nothing like it.

Socomer 19793427d ago

"the best"!

Looking pretty stupid when gran turismo psp has 200 more cars than you & GT5 has it all including to my surprise NASCAR.

Turn 10 will always live under that eclispe of a shadow.