E3 Analysis: Nintendo - Not Quite Status Quo

Nintendo's press conference wasn't as loud and ostentatious as Microsoft's, of course, but the steady message -- with one major exception -- was continued success and progress of its two platforms in the manner to which we are accustomed.

The catchphrase for the conference was the dual-meaning "Everyone's Game", meaning both "games for everybody" and "everybody's ready to play." The company clearly did its best job yet appealing to both its core demographic of gamers that stuck by it in the lean years, and those who have come to its systems thanks to innovations like Brain Age and Wii Fit.

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Shnazzyone3429d ago

just it wasn't enough... We got tons of great stuff for ds to say the least... but wii oferings were a mixed bag. We got a heart rate monitor which was just stupid but then we got galaxy 2 and a spinoff metroid series with team ninja. Third parties are really going to be the cores only hope to enjoy our wiis.

Why doesn't nintendo understand this?!?! they wont understand it until sony releases their motion gadget and they lose their casuals to them (i'd count Microsoft but their method just seems too far out)

Nitnendo didn't quite ignore the core but they certainly underestimated their importantce again.

N4g_null3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

May I would agree with you on sony but how are you suppose to move in a FPS? Also how much is it going to cost and what good games are going to use it and better yet causal gamers will need a price cut. When is that going to happen?

Nintendo did fine. They put even more games out their and they got team ninja to make a game for them LOL.

We still don't know what most of their dev teams are doing. Also The motion stuff from the other guys are not coming till 2010ish maybe even later, both method totally leave out hardcore gaming also.

Another thing is I expected more from sony GOW was good but even the ICO guys did not impress me a whole lot. The games are more story driven than game play driven. I don't like that. Also did you see what a little CG did to make the new metroid interesting?

Shnazzyone3428d ago

I =am extremely intrigued as to what team ninja is going to do with metroid. It looks quite epic in scope to say the least and might just be a game of the year. You are right.. motion gadgets from sony and MS are going to need support and there is always the possibility the 5 year rule will hold true in this gen and their motion will come too late in the cycles to make a difference... plus... nintendo is probably still going by the 5 year rule. It would so be a burn on sony if nintendo has a more powerful console for cheaper by the time their motion controls start gaining steam.

N4g_null3427d ago

I thinking we maybe have one more E3 and bam we get new hardware and a zcamera like control with a real controller for input like the Wii mote with motion plus.

I must admit the vital thing could be pretty crazy. I mean what if you let the player run faster just because his heart is beating faster LOL.
I don't think many people will make some thing with it but wouldn't it be even better if the vitality controller was actually the set up for a finger tip led controller?

I'm glad the Wii has motion+ though cams mess up also, which is why the eye toy is not and was not used as a motion controller at first we all know this, just wait till people start using these controllers LOL.

It is also funny because nintendo just proved the hardcore do want motion controls or rather the HD guys did they just don't want it from nintendo because they just want to be lame.