Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC dated

Bethesda has announced a release date for Fallout 3's latest DLC 'Point Lookout.'

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Rockox3427d ago

I can't uninstall this game from my hard drive if I tried. Just when I thought I was out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN.

PS360WII3427d ago

lol nice I know the feeling ;)

20 more days!

Turntable Jack3427d ago

this looks to be the best DLC thus far

MegaMohsi3427d ago

This game is amazing, I'm glad the DLC is making it's way to PS3. I wonder with the new expansion packs announced will they raise the level cap or get rid of it all together? The game just isn't as fun not getting any experience, so there ends up being no point in doing some of the optional stuff in the quests.

Captain Tuttle3427d ago

I just started a new character and having all of the DLC in front of you from the beginning is almost overwhelming. The game was big when released but all of this add on stuff is amazing.