Lost planet 2 for PS3 Confirmed

Jack Tretton mentioned in the Sony Keynote that Lost Planet 2 is a title you can expect to see on PS3. Previously, the Capcom-made title was only confirmed for Xbox 360, but like its predecessor, Lost Planet, expect number two to go multi-platform.

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thereapersson3429d ago

I'm sort of excited for LP: 2 though, because it already looks like a marked improvement over the lackluster first game.

WildArmed3429d ago

already saw this coming.
They never said it was an exclusive after all.
and Capcom loves the PS3 as much as they love the 360 ^^
4 player co-op sounds good

RememberThe3573429d ago

i did not murder him is going to be pissed!

That makes me happy.

Information Minister3429d ago

Yeah he as boasting Lost Planet 2 has a 360 exclusive just minutes ago.

- Ghost of Sparta -3429d ago

Hehe this is funny. Yesterday the 360 fanboys were all "YAY SONY GOT OWNED!" but PlayStation gamers got the last laugh.

Aquanox3429d ago

"Expect it to be on PS3"

Smells like a Timed Exclusive after all. I mean, why not announcing it was released toe to toe with the Xbox 360 version?

7ero H3LL3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

yeah, but the question is would you really care for it, it's going to end up as the first game....just like all the other games using the mt engine. the mt engine and the ut3 share a lot in common when it comes to ps3.

name one game on ps3 that equals 360's version running the mt engine.

ThanatosDMC3429d ago

I hope friend invite would be as easy as RE5. If it works, i might also get it for my girl eventhough she'll probably hate it. Oh well, i'll present it like a gift. Might work.

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damnwrx3429d ago

The second one, I'm not even going to bother, don't know how much improvement there is, still a sh!tty game.

Salta_nelas3429d ago

I can only "lol" at those who are constantly hating.

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