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samura3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Okay, going to get this.

BTW: what happened with Capcom's secret game. Please don't tell me it is RE: Portable. -_-

menoyou3425d ago

Very cool game but I was hoping for something exclusive to PS3.

thePatriot3425d ago

than metal gear raiden
lol at he end

gintoki7773425d ago

guess im gonna have to buy a psp but i will say this again in the tune of snake eater

plus psp will come in handy for emulation mother 3 on psp ftw

theEnemy3425d ago

this game was only for the PSP :(

Big Boss deserves some PS3 love.

HQLocated1113425d ago

Kojima Is fully involved in this. That means Metal Gear:Rising gets the B team. They're going to mess it up so badly. LOL

WhittO3425d ago

ye haha, i thought it was funny he made a note of that, he obv really didnt want to do the 360 MGS (just by watching the MS Conference).

This really does look like a "Metal Gear Solid" game, just shame not on ps3..

Foxgod3425d ago

You want them to mess up that game so badly because its on the 360, you also wanted them to mess this game up if it was ps3 exclusive ?

DNAgent3425d ago

Well, at least this isn't a spin-off with an emo character. I'm also glad that Kojima will be working on this one. I'll still play MGR on PS3 but I don't think it will be that good at all seeing as it's a spin-off plus it will probably be a hack & slash game.

I also felt the need to include a picture & video of something I found hilarious...It also kind of made me want pretzels.

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The story is too old to be commented.