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Forrest Gump3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Finally,motion control done right.

HD waggle=Awesome.

kaelix3424d ago

=.= I can already see some freinds using this with jerkin off action -.-

Silellak3424d ago

Of the three motion-sensing additions (Wii Motion Plus, Natal, PS Motion) coming out, Project Natal is easily the most ambitious of the three...but that almost means it's the most likely to fail. Still, I am fascinated to see what talented developers will do with all of them. In the end, that's all that really matters.

narked3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

this is going to be massive. if they can bring titles like god of war, devil may cry, and other massive titles ... imagine they create an online gladiator game - plays like the demo they showed when he has a sword and a shield :O and it can be 1v1, 2v2 gladiator style combat online, with a ranking system, weapons unlocks ... that would be the game everyone must play.

i truly loved this tech demo and i believe that sony has hit the nail on it's head at this E3.

^^ at Silelak - yes but the thing with natal is that you do not use anything in your hand. in marketing i learned that you need to make items tangible.. i.e. if you are shaking a sword around, you want to feel the grip, it will make for a better experience.

guys i didnt say natal was bad bdw (for those who put up disagrees). they have a different purpose imo. for fighting games natal is bliss, and for sport games such as football, basketball and so on cause you dont need physical things in your hand. but what if you are playing god of war or gears of war where you have items in the characters hands, it is better to feel something. thats my point really.

Cupid_Viper_33424d ago

were dizzying, the guys looked nervous as hell, they didnt know what sort of reactiont they were going to get.

but when he used the sword to move the limbs of the skeleton and change his posture and lifted his chin then wacked him was amazing. and also how you can easily change to first person view is kewl.

but I can easily see where this is going, Games like LBP will use it to enhance "world Creations" and stuff. and the fact that it can literally track your movement around your room (or anywhere in the camera's viewing range is kewl)

I was skeptical of any motion controls after what i've seen the Wii do, but this looks way more promising and less tackish.

anyways, I saw so many games today, i dont even know which one to get excited for actually, I hate when Sony do that.

mugoldeneagle033424d ago

Was when a non-gaming friend of mine, who has played the Wii and PS3 a tiny bit, sat up in his seat and said "Wow this s**t is f***ing cool"

I definitely thought Sony wouldn't have anything hardware-wise to compete with Microsoft and Nintendo's motion-announcements, but I was wrong.

Even though its in an early stage, I'm really looking forward to how this turns out. And equally as excited to use my PS EYE for the first time since Burnout.

menoyou3424d ago

Super impressive presentation. We finally have REAL motion controls and REAL 1 to 1 controller mapping. I hope both Natal and this are very successful, for the future of gaming. Nintendo really needs to step it up because they're getting left in the dust.

meepmoopmeep3424d ago

making it the shape of a penis really helps define the word "waggling"


Mike134nl3424d ago

Looked impressive. I am pleasantly surpised by the possitive coments.
Even though it's a prototype the looks of the newton controller and the gametrak controller are better. Wondering if these controllers and the nintendo motion plus have the same accuracy as the new sony controller.
I wonder how they will sell these 2 controllers and 1 camera or 1 controller and 1 camera.

WhittO3424d ago

Real life accuracey + no delay = WIN !

ChozenWoan3424d ago

Voice and Facial Recognition. Unfortunately for MS, V&FR are software apps which Sony could easily add to the PS3 using a FW update. With those two features added the PS3 motion controls would beat Ninty and MS in the field of extreme controllers.

I will admit I was underwhelmed with the first part of the PS3's motion controller presentation, but the second half after he picked up a gun grabbed my attention. I was sold by the time he pulled out the bow and let off a few shots.

indysurfn3424d ago

Microsoft, they are the original makers way back in 1998! Wii came out in

november 2006. Some people are not able to think outside the box and

research something. They will repeat the FIRST criticism a person comes

up with. And NEVER research the truth. So how are ignorant people acting

like Nintendo made it? The first one was made in 1998 by microsoft for a

PC game they made called microsoft flight simulator. The controller is

called the 'side winder' I bought one I know. But here is your proof if

you was not born yet. Also guess where the

first webcam motion detection device appeared? That's right on a pc using

microsoft windows.

1 First motion controller was made by Microsoft.
2 First motion detecting webcam was by Microsoft.

No WONDER they are the ones to make a controller less

arika3423d ago

very impressive indeed! just imagining what the future holds for the ps3 makes my body shiver with anticipation.

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rbluetank3424d ago

ali sony has shook up the world with this motion controller....knockout blow.... this is going to be the best motion controller ever... the game possible with these controller is in another dimention..

MoonlightProwler3424d ago

That sword and shield tech would be awesome in Oblivion.

ThatCanadianGuy3424d ago

I don't care what anybody says.The part where he had the sword and shield and he could push, slash, stab the enemies was amazing.

And where he used the shield to deflect those "things" im completely sold.

Jeff2573424d ago

yeah the shield and sword thing made me think of 300 for some reason. The control possible with those motion controllers is insane. Whats better is if people already own a PSEye they dont need to buy a new camera. Just give me the controls and some great games and Ill be sold.

Forrest Gump3424d ago

The reason why the crowd cheered heavily during that part was because Sonys motion controller is doing EXACTLY what the Wiimote was supposed to do at launch,and to top it off it's doing all of that in HD.

It's clearly aimed at the casual market,but I can definitely see some hardcore games utilizing the motion controller.

Baliw3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

taking off the arrows from the quiver?

Simply amazing.

Dimitrius3424d ago

Is it me or this thing sucks. It is certainly more accurate than NATAL from M$ but looks awfull. Im a sony fan and have to admite that this year 360 won again E3.

pwnsause3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

cosmetically it doesnt look good, but thats because they were prototypes. but it does what its suppose to do, better than nintendos, not to mention its works with the eye. my question is how will i be able to make my character move around the screen while playing with motion controls?

joevfx3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

are you a moron? you must be a moron. you have to be a moron. THIS IS A SUPER EARLY PROTOTYPE!!!! they werent showing it to show off graphics of the games they were showing it to show you how responsive it is, the tracking capabilities. my guess is, Sony got word that Microsft was gonna show off Natal so they whipped something up to show what they are working on. They didnt even give a date for it they just said the future of playstation, it could be 2 years away.

honestly natal looked cool but to me you need something to act with or hold. that guy bolting on the tires in that racing game with out an airgun, the girl driving with no wheel, and the kid skateboarding without a skateboard just looked silly and it is prolly hard to emmerse yourself in the game when acting with thin air. its like an actor acting on a greenscreen.

im also not 100% convinced Natal will acuratly track your body with no artificial trackers that you hold. in fact its impossible. if it was possible the film industry would have been using it by now. there has to be artifical trackers for the camera to see to get accurate motion in 3D space. ESPECIALLY WITH ONE CAMERA. thats why the film industry uses the pingpong suit (hence why the ps3 prototype controller had ping pong balls on it) and multiply cameras

Milky3424d ago

seriously, this is just awesome. First person view and true 1 to 1 motion capture = Natal what?