E3 2009: Sony Conference Overview

A roundup of news and shown titles at Sony's E3 2009 conference.

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Sarcasm5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

Yeah Sony's a B+. I'd say MS gets a B+ as well. Both had a strong exclusive line up as well as the multiplatform titles that we want.

Nintendo gets a D from me. The only game I want to play is New Super Mario.

Edit: Scratch that, I also want to play the conduit and metroid other m.

InfectedDK5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

Sony: A
Ninty: D

Vicodin5297d ago

The Single Biggest Ownage In E3 History:

* Kojima coming out on stage and flat out stating he has nothing to do with MGS: Rising and that it isn't a real Metal Gear game.

Multiple megatons:

FFXIV PS3 Exclusive
Rockstar PS3 Exclusive

Massive PS3 Exclusives:
Team ICO's amazing The Last Guardian
MAG live 256 player demo - 2009 release
God of War 3 live demo - March release
The incredibly cool kart racer
GT5 unveiling
Gran Turismo PSP
Resident Evil PSP

Sony's conference could have easily been four hours long they have such a mind boggling amount of games and content for PS2,PS3, and PSP. Heavy Rain, the secret BBC game, Syphon Filter PS3, etc. will all have to wait for TGS or other Sony events this year.

B+, LOL. No, A is the only honest grade. With an A+ for something epic like a FFVII remake unveiling only topping this amazing Sony E3 event.

OmegaKulu5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

The way I see it...

MS - A Show
Sony - A Conference
Nintendo - ??? + Mario + Matriod - Zelda = ???

Can't really put a mark on any of them -.-

FreeMonk5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

I honestly thought that Sony would pull it off, and spank MS's conference all over the place.

Instead it pulled off something very similar to what MS offered, with some statistics of sales thrown in.

I was a little disappointed that of the '35 Exclusives' that Sony claimed they had, they only shown a handful.

Good Points:
Uncharted 2 & God of War 3 - looked fantasic and can't wait to play
The Last Guardian - Can't wait..Team Ico go!!

Mediorce points: P
SP Go! - looks like a nice piece of kit, but $250!?
Assassin's Creed 2 - looked like the first, nothing really stood out apart from the double guard kill
Final Fantasy 14 Online - Exclusive? FF13 WAS an Exclusive! Hmmmm
Wii Remote Clone....very Wii like, and looked very forced...probably caused after seeing MS's new Motion Control project.

Bad Points:
No Heavy Rain
No LBP PSP demo
No info on new PSN games
MAG - looked very cluttered onscreen, especially with the bullet detector thingy going on in the middle, put me off.

Overall, MS and Sony get a 7/10 from me, Nintendo a 3/10.

gintoki7775297d ago

here is the thing
the reason why the sony conference wasnt as great as it was said to be was because
well its simple we knew what to expect.
if we didnt hear about the psp go or seen that ico trailer it would feel like they woulve been megaton announcements.
since we knew what we were gonna see people thought there was gonna be even more which there was and also there wasnt

Mindboggle5297d ago

Sony really didnt do as "I" would of liked. I really wanted some more PSN features. We know they got the games but I wanted to see more beyond the games.

I would Rate

Sony B+
Microsoft A
Nintendo C

Ju5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

I agree with Omega. MS wins it for the show, and always good for a surprise. Sony with the solid high quality content, but never any surprise. Nintendo had a strong finish with hard core content, makes me want to get these games (Conduit and the new Metroid looked good), but the rest was, err, yahhhwn, yeah, like that.

Sony's motion presentation was obviously a quick patch to answer Natal, but after my first though this is a gimmick, I actually like the precision of these "stick" more then Natal with pure image recognition. Its Natal meets Wii-Motion(Plus). I think there's one important point that guy mentioned: "These controls won't work without any buttons". But I don't think that thing will ever hit the shelfs. It would require some mainstream games to support it, not just some special implementation. Will not happen, IMO.

That SONY racing game looked like a gimmick, too. But that level construction kit was pretty impressive.

Well, and GoW3, UC2, GT5, ICO, ... these are 4 impressive titles right there. No need to surprise, but still impressive.

Forza3 on MS side looked good, I curious about Halo Reach and well, MGS Rising. But no live gameplay of any of those at the press conference.

In short I give Sony a little bit of an edge (because of the rock solid line up and presentation) slightly ahead of MS, and well, yeah, Nintendo surprised with some more gamer centric announcements, maybe a comeback ? But still 3rd right now.

Vicodin5297d ago

"It's a tie!!!"


What did Microsoft have?

* Their 'big game' and 'amazing end of conference unveiling' turns out to be a crappy multiplatform action spinoff that the creator of the series mocks and disowns the very next day

* Wiimote/Eyetoy copies

* Alan Wake looking like just another Resident Evil game with very average graphics

* Crackdown 2 exclusive - lol!

* Halo milking

Yeah, it was a 'tie' LOL!

Rainstorm815297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

MS a B
Ninty - Fail

Sony showed game after game which was expected, but then announces 3 new ip one by R* one is FF14 and Modnation racers next LBP esque game. Not to mention the camera (which seemed rushed out) but the percision is what gamers want. The mix of the camera and controller clearly has the most GAMING potential. It was an onslaught of games alot with in game footage (U2, The Last Guardian, AC2 and GOW3) Clearly best of the show.

Edit: Gran Turismo 5 has NASCAR and World Rally Championship as well.
GT portable has 800 cars and photo realistic graphics a HANDHELD GAME!! come on! Sony wins FLAWLESS VICTORY!!

ChozenWoan5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

Notice how all of the companies who took their franchises multi-platform earlier this gen are now going PS3 exclusive.


And you'll notice, Kojima went multi-platform reluctantly, but his main efforts are still with PS3.

As for Heavy Rain, there is a lot showing for it in Home. I was in Home and watching the E3 at the same time. In the Presentation space they are showing a lot of the devs and their games for ps3 on the big screen... ohh and watch for the code.

as for rating the conferences:
Sony: A

MS would have stole E3 if they would have had more "exclusive" games. Natal has potential, but for now it feels more like a gimick. Although the Voice and Face Reconition tech is promising, both are really software related. This means that while MS might be the first to bring it to market (likely fall 2010 due to lack of release date or pricing info), the PS3 could just as easily make a similar app with a firmware update using the ps eye.

OmarJA5297d ago

Then i guess it's safe to say that Sony has won E3 this year hands down...

The best line of exclusives this year, PSP Go with three great games & full of surprises.

menoyou5297d ago

Sony's was definitely the best. Very clean conference with nice presentations and videos, tons of games and exclusives, announcement after announcement, reveal after reveal.

Microsoft's was also very good. A lot of game announcements, a lot were multi-platform though, some nice presentations but some were cheesy like the Beatles Rock Band and such, awesome reveal of Natasha, etc.

Nintendo was a failure for me. Some good stuff here and there but still mostly casual or unimpressive. Only two real hardcore games shown, Mario Galaxy 2 and it's a blatant rehash. Metroid Other M looked awesome.

Sony: A+
Microsoft: B+
Nintendo: C-

irish-leprecaun5297d ago

the ps3 bbc game still exists??

jwatt5297d ago

I'll give MS an A and Sony a B, I will have to say Ms took this E3.

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Unicron5297d ago

I'd give both Sony and MS a B. Both showed a bunch of games we already knew about, both exclusive and multiplatform for both. Both showed potentially coll motion controls that I can't really say I care for for MY gaming needs, and both promised games with no dates/no footage as their "big exclusives," (Halo Reach, Agent).

Meh. Bring on Alan Wake and the utterly gorgeous Uncharted 2.

Mike134nl5297d ago

Sony A awesome line up, good features
Microsoft A good lineup, awesome features
Nintendo D- ...

End conclusion I really can't afford all the stuff coming out.

Vicodin5297d ago

"I agree with Omega. MS wins it for the show, and always good for a surprise."


Yes, Microsoft did have one big 'surprise'!

They game they tried to hype as their one big news:

1. Multiplatform

2. Disowned by the series creator

Yes, Microsoft had the best Show...for Sony fans.

It was a nice bit of comic relief before the main show started today with Sony's barrage of PS3 exclusives.

KaBaW5297d ago (Edited 5297d ago )

Is there anywhere where I can watch this conference again?
I missed pretty much ALL of it.. Everything after M.A.G.
Which, by the way, looked impressive! :O
Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT: Never mind, I found one.

36T5297d ago

Do you live on N4G? The reason i ask is because you seem to be the first to post in a few articles lately. Just curious. As for you're score, Sorry man. I disagree. IMHO, Microsoft took this hands down, leaks or not.(PS3 news vs X360 news)

SupaPlaya5297d ago

Sony fanboys - F
MS fanboys - F
Nintendo fanboys - ... don't think they even exist since the Wii came out lol

Seriously, I think both put up a good show, with Sony having more exclusive games, but MS's presentation seems more organized (PS3 too much content I guess?? GOWIII demo is sweet but way short).

Uncharted looks amazing. Alan wake looks very promising (I really liked the presentation of the trailer, very movie like). Wish the GT5 trailer shows more, and was that trailer mostly in game footage?

I much prefer this than a 1 sided "win", if there is such a thing. Competition is great.

AKNAA5297d ago

"* Kojima coming out on stage and flat out stating he has nothing to do with MGS: Rising and that it isn't a real Metal Gear game. "

Ouch! LOL! Did that really happen?!?!?

All-35296d ago

Apparently not... it's also stated to be coming to the PC.


Click --> skip, and then click on - Information on the next page.

You'll see:

Platforms - PLAYSTATION 3, Windows

You'll also see this --> Subscription Fees - TBA

arika5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

sony - A

why? a lot more megaton exclusive games. namely ROCKSTAR's AGENT, FF14, MGS PSP(THE TRUE SEQUEL), THE COOL LOOKING KART RACER(which compliments lbp very nicely)

xbox 360 - B

why? because they only have one megaton announcement w/c is a multiplatform game MGS: RISING(might be good but without a heart and soul of the maker) their other announced titles we already know about so no real surprise there.

nintendo - C

why? wtf! no zelda game. tsk tsk! well untill the next e3 then for big N.

DaTruth5296d ago

Just downloaded the E3 Uncharted trailer.... Sony won E3 from that trailer alone!!! That game tops every game and they showed a lot of in-game. Yes MS fanboys, they actually showed the game... running! MS should try showing gameplay at their presentations!