Full Games List From Sony's E3 2009 Press Conference


* Assassin's Creed 2
* Final Fantasy XIII

PlayStation 3 Exclusives:

* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
* Agent
* Final Fantasy XIV Online
* Motion Controller
* ModNation Racers
* The Last Guardian
* Gran Turismo 5
* God of War III


* Gran Turismo
* Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
* Resident Evil: Portable
* Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines


* Final Fantasy VII

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- Ghost of Sparta -3428d ago

- Modnation Racers will redefine the racing genre, just like LBP did for platformers.
- The Last Guardian's current build is so vastly improved from the last I was left speechless.
- Agent, PS3 exclusive from Rockstar. 'Nuff said.
- Final Fantasy 14, exclusive to PS3 worldwide.
- MAG, running at a solid 30 frames per second while hosting a 256 player match, just wow.
- Uncharted 2 shows that it is unrivaled in the graphics department, yet again.
- Gran Turismo 5, need I say more?
- God of War 3 running at 60 frames per second with such graphical fidelity and on that scale, stole the show.
- Lost Planet 2 announced for PS3 by Jack. Nothing big, but another exclusive taken from the 360.
- GT on PSP running at 60 frames per second with photo realistic graphics.
- Metal Gear: Peace Walker for PSP

Sony stole the show, by far.

really duh3428d ago

FF XIV Online is on PC.

Uncharted 2 doesn't look as good as you say but it does do action well.

Ausbo3428d ago

even if sony showed nothing, you would still be sucking their d**k

Great show anyway

FamilyGuy3428d ago

They literally didn't have enough time to show all the games coming to the PS3 and Lost Planet 2 early/jan 2010!

It's hard to judge whos E3 was better. M$ was great but a true gamer wants... games. Sonys game lineup blows M$s away but M$s new features are.. well not unrivaled but at the top of their respective food chains.

thesummerofgeorge3428d ago

Especially TLG, looks so fvcking epic, and did anyone see the special presentation of Heavy Rain after the conference? I couldn't have asked for more... Oh and MAG blew my mind.

MiloGarret3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

The only game on that list which I care about is GOWIII, other than that I found the games presented a complete letdown, I expexted more. Oh well, It'll be good for my wallet.

BTW, is fanboy of the week still around? In that case I hereby nominate ghost of sparta, yikes that guy is nuts! Guess it's my own fault for coming to n4g during E3...

Rainstorm813428d ago

Metal gear and GT portable and the PSP Go sold me, but as I said about NATAL you need the camera and a controller and sony did just that although they are a little different. GOW3 amazing. Uncharted 2 amazing . 3 new IPs. Mod Nation racers LBP + Super Mario Kart + Pixar animation, The Last Guardian just WOW! and GT5 has WRC and NASCAR your done goodnight

FamilyGuy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

As someone who likes to play video games, a "gamer" if you will, sony definitely came with big guns this year. Exclusive, multiplatform and even casual sony has this video game market wrapped up.

Notable for me:
Modnation racers (a new genre continued)
Metal Gear ("actual sequel" / "not a spin-off") Peace Walker
Lost Planet 2
The Last Guardian
Assassins Creed 2
Uncharted 2

They didn't even time for the known about titles like:
Fat Princess (this year)
Ninja Gaidan Sigma 2 ("definitive version") (this fall in US)
Demons souls (this fall in US)
White Knight Story/Chronicles (this fall in US)
Ratchet and Clank - ACIT (this year)
FF Versus XIII
Eye pet
MGS: Rising (confirmed Coming to PS3)
Dante's Inferno

That game trailer video at the beginning of the PS3 talk was FULL of games that went by too fast to mention.

TheDude2dot03428d ago

My views of this E3

- Modnation Racers- don't know what this is, but racers are generally boring
- The Last Guardian- cool name, not sure about what the game is
- Agent- knowing Rockstar, probably a GTA clone
- Final Fantasy 14- online only, SE sucks
- MAG- interesting game, need to know more about it
- Uncharted 2- good action game
- Gran Turismo 5- racers are boring
- God of War 3- Game I'm most excited for
- Lost Planet 2- unimportant
- GT on PSP- nothing special
- Metal Gear: Peace Walker for PSP- has potential

It's up to Nintendo to save E3 now... not holding my breath

IdleLeeSiuLung3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I was let down by Sony, still the same old story. These are the games we will release! What about this fall/winter?

Here is the highlights:

a) GoW3 releases March 2010. Still far off, but I will give you this. Looks awesome although the animation is off at places. Since it isn't final build fair enough. Excitement Meter: A-

b) Uncharted 2 looks great. Amazing visuals although the first one didn't seem that interesting to me so now I might have to pick that up when it finally hits the bargain bin. I'm assuming Uncharted 2 is still due this Fall 09. Excitement Meter: A

c) Motion Control, direct Wii ripoff except it requires an additional camera. Looks interesting since motion seemed accurate. Release next Spring. Excitement Meter: B

A bunch of future-ware (stuff that don't have a release date nor is expected in the next 12 months) and sales figures, if you catch my drift. No release dates and the waiting game continues. That is freakin it unless you want yet another portable gaming unit PSP Go.

Here I was nervous about MS, since they didn't release any news of their lineup and we get a bunch.

I might sound fanboyish and I do have my preference, but I own all three consoles so I want to see great stuff on all consoles. I had high hopes for Sony this year and they just didn't show. In the end, I can expect 2 titles to hit the stores until next E3 at this E3.

Nintendo is utter fail as usual and gotten complacent with their excellent sales to grannies and kiddies.

FamilyGuy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Fat Princess (this year)
Ninja Gaidan Sigma 2 ("definitive version") (this fall in US)
Demons souls (this fall in US)
White Knight Story/Chronicles (this fall in US)
Ratchet and Clank - ACIT (this year)
Uncharted 2
MAG (?)
and inFamous is already out

These are all coming out THIS year. They didn't mention many games for this year because they had so many new games to announce. Or, in some cases the games will be showcased by devs during E3 so sony didn't waste their own time slot on them.

callahan093428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Hmm... Well even if Final Fantasy XIV does turn up on PC's, it's still a console exclusive. We've been using that terminology for a while now. You know, you had Gears of War go to PC, you had Mass Effect go to PC... they were at that point called console exclusive on the Xbox 360. No less important to the console's library. Final Fantasy XIV being announced for PS3 and not 360 is a pretty big deal.

Megatron083428d ago

sony only announce 3 new exclusive one that will likely go multiplat and a new sixaxis controller an idea that already failed on the ps3. Sony should of waited instead of showing all there stuff at last years e3 and tgs.

All-33427d ago

Wrong... Square Enix has it listed for the PC as well. On the information page of the official site it also says this:

Platforms - Playstation 3, Windows

Subscription Fees - TBA

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sunnygrg3428d ago

Looks like Microsoft's check runs out after 13.

Arnon3428d ago

Sounds like your parents were related.

You know, before they were married.

Jamie Foxx3428d ago

god of war killed the whole set

really duh3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I thought Jack only mentioned some of Capcoms games.

Disccordia3428d ago

He wouldn't randomly mention LP2 if it wasn't coming to PS3

andron3428d ago

He mentioned it just briefly and moved on. I wasn't even sure if I had heard him right, but you heard it too? Not a shocker, but odd it was just mentioned so casually...

Omegasyde3428d ago

I can't believe the PSP won. Not, the 360 or ps3.

cmrbe3428d ago

i sort of agree. MGS peace walker made a big impact but Last Gaurdian is THE game for E3 for me.

InfectedDK3428d ago

Gran Turismo for PSP is day 1 purchase here..

It was an awesome show! - Sony is really the big winner here..

iHEARTboobs3428d ago

Yeah, there's a lot of great stuff coming to the PSP. I'm going to look into getting a PSPgo, they look pretty cool.

FamilyGuy3428d ago

Yeah, i can see why you'd say that lol

pixelsword3428d ago

Metal Gear killed it, although the PS3 came in second.

The PSP I rate an 'A' Showing
because of The Metal Gear Game... it's the missing link, and I kinda knew it would be the Big Boss so I knew this game would be important, but not THAT important. GT and LBP made it a list of games that put it over the top of everyone.

The PS3 I rate an A- Showing
Because of the new Rockstar game, GT5 having deformation, The Assassin's Creed II demo, The GoW III demo, ModNation Racers, and the New Controller (I thought I would hate them, and I am still not sure that I don't, but it looks like some thought was put into them in terms of walking around).

The 360 I gave a solid B+
Halo ODST looked great if it's actually in-game (I hope so! w00t!), Splinter Cell looked really strong, mixing Uncharted's action with really great takedown action. Crackdown 2 looked really good (still cel-shaded) The full-on montion controls looked awesome, but I can't shake how you will move around in games like that; unlike the Wii's or even the PS3 prototype controller so I'm going to have to wait until some games come out before I give a final judgment on that item.

The Wii I gave a B-
I am a fan of the mario brothers series so, the RPG for the DSi was far and away my favorite of their showing; Rabbids Go Home, and of course the Final Fantasy game looked awesome. Everything else I was kind-of standoffish, but confident they will be great.

BX813428d ago

I don't think it won but it did out shine the PS3. I think it's because everyone knew that GOW and Uncharted2 were coming anyway. I was a bit surprised that a MGS5 was not announced. Was it me or did anyone else catch what he said about the Final Fantasy that was coming out in 2010. He said when it releases it will only be on the PS3. Maybe a timed deal? I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy though. I was not as impressed with the sony portion it was good though I liked the modnation racer and the last guardian. Those looked pretty sweet.

tda-danny3428d ago

He was talking about ff14 in 2010 on PS3 only - the upcoming mmo.

Off that list, 8 buys for me... (crap, I'm gonna be broke!)

PlayStation 3:

* Final Fantasy XIII
* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
* Final Fantasy XIV Online
* The Last Guardian
* Gran Turismo 5
* God of War III


* Gran Turismo
* Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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MajesticBeast3428d ago

I loved how everyone was screaming OLD goddamn kids then the gameplay segment came and only the fanboys were saying OLD!