E3 2009: God of War III, The Final Game in the Series

PerezStart writes: It's coming March 2010, so this years release is false. From E3, We may have seen the last of God of War, with this being the last in the series.

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The General3427d ago

It just owned my life: Jolly stop trolling

BadboyCivic3427d ago

i think this and Uncharted 2 is a must have.

Rockox3427d ago

No sex mini-game? Boo.

JhawkFootball063427d ago

See I dont get why you PS3 fans love these type of games. It looks like alot of button mashing with different combos. It almost plays exactly like Devil May Cry only a different background, story, character, and enemies. But the gameply is exactly the same. I just really dont get why you guys get so hyped for a game like this. The game I am hyped most for is Splinter Cell: Conviction. That game looks absolutely incredible

SnuggleBandit3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Brutal as hell :)

anyone else see the guts spill out??? EPIC

EDIT: sorry for the double post guys

SnuggleBandit3427d ago

Brutal as heck :)

anyone else see the guts spill out??? EPIC

darthv723427d ago

Another big ass boss breaking the town and Kratos there to swing his blades.

People say halo 3 is halo 2 in hd. I say the same for gow3.

Nah....just kidding. Its all good.

Aquanox3427d ago

Great Demo. Confirms the rumors though:

Release Date: March 2010

theEnemy3427d ago

and the heavens shall tremble.


menoyou3427d ago

I was very impressed with this game. The violence alone sold me for sure. Guts spilling out of the centaur and slicing off the tail of the chimera was unbelievable. I'm not a big God of War fan but I am anticipating this one big time.

Mainman3427d ago

IMO, Uncharted 2 has been the best of the show so far. Have you seen the action man? Wow.

mfwahwah3426d ago


That's one ignorant comment right there.

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JOLLY13427d ago

The animations seemed off

Forrest Gump3427d ago

Have you played GOW before?

gambare3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

"2 - Uh....
The animations seemed off "

said the guy with a Mii as avatar

- Ghost of Sparta -3427d ago

No no, Jolly. I think you're mixed up with the animations of Splinter Cell Conviction, which are so terrible I can't even describe.

Sarcasm3427d ago

Animations seems off?

I guess people prefer the blocky robotic character models of Alan Wake.

colonel1793427d ago

it's not a's a Mii TOO

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lokiroo4203427d ago

Its official, M$ closes its doors March 2010!

Crazy Larry3427d ago

If MGS4 and Killzone 2 couldn't close MS's doors, this won't either. Grow up.

testerg353427d ago

Can you guys make up your minds. First you said MS was done in 08, then 09, and now its 2010.

Figboy3427d ago

Sony and the Playstation 3 was supposed to be done in November 2006, then 2007, then 2008, etc, etc.

see, it goes both ways. fanboys are delusional regardless of what side of the fence they currently sit on.

nobody is putting anyone out of business. well, the sh*tty economy might...

GoW3 looks great, and it's still over half a year away, which means half a year of polishing and fine tuning everything from controls to graphics.

i can't wait to wrap up Krato's story.

i'd love to see them remake GoW1, GoW2, and Chains of Olympus, and release them on the Playstation Network at HD titles for download.

mfwahwah3426d ago

This comment wasn't literal. The poster simply meant that this game will be such a success that Microsoft would figuratively give up as they will not be able to match the beastliness of this game.

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jack who3427d ago

only thing good that came out of sonys e3

gambare3427d ago

Microsoft had zero, multiplats, spin offs and PC games were lame and pitiful.

NegativeCreep4273427d ago

THe only good thing that came out of your mother's snatch was that bloody tampon that was your aborted brother. If only it was your delusional dumba$$.

God of War 3 Live Demo FTMFW: "Feel The Wraith of the Sun!!!"

LarVanian3427d ago

Well jack thats more than what came out of Microsoft's E3 lol.
@ NagativeCreep, ok seriously man there was no need for that.

Freakwave0033427d ago

They didn't say last in the series, they said last of the trilogy.

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