Trico revealed at Sony's E3

The Last Guardian is debuted at Sony's E3 Press Conference.

Team ICO's game, which was secretly called Project Trico, has now been revealed at Sony's E3 Press Conference to be The Last Guardian.

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Doctor_Doom3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

I was waiting for a very long time for this moment


Rockox3429d ago

Nice looking trailer!

Lariat3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Now this game is pretty cool actually.

The video that they showed was basically the same video that got leaked but with more polish.

I just hope that it doesn't bomb as bad as ICO. :(

Crazy Larry3429d ago

Wheres the gameplay? It's tough to be impressed with CGI.

KobeT243429d ago

There was gameplay!

You can clearly see it when he attacks the guards and jumps off the cliff.

MGOelite3429d ago

im so glad they dropped the hamster cat thing for a eagle

Freak of Nature3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

I have also waited for this so very long,and it has been worth the wait.A true masterpiece.......

Beautiful,ambiant and atmospheric.My most anticipated game!

I loved the additional clips not shown in the leaked footage.Smooth animation,and indepth eye candy done with style and beautiful choice of color/texture...The puzzle solving mixed in will be off the charts fantastic...

Simply more than a game,it's an event...

The General3429d ago

Best Game in The WORLD!!!

Alvadr3429d ago

That looks SO AWESOME!!!

I could sense the feeling and the connection with the Guardian. Gonna be a stella game.

Doppy3429d ago

Sony had the best E3 even though their show wsa the most boring of the 3 (it was too long, too much talking, and a little unorganized) the games and tech they showed off was hands down the best out of all 3.

There were so many trailers (I wished they had the names of all the games in the trailers some looked really good especially on the PSP, but no name), but they demoed all the games that truly mattered, and announced so much more.

Motion controls. Every company excelled in motion controls MS and Sony are kicking Nintendo's @$$. Nintendo come up with something else for you are in trouble.

Microsoft B+ (Second opinion A-)
Nintendo B- (Second opinion C+)
Sony B+ (Second opinion A) Sony's speakers were boring compared to MS and Nintendo who got up there and got off quickly.

Sarcasm3429d ago

"It's tough to be impressed with CGI. "

That was all rendered in real time by the PS3, buddy.

menoyou3429d ago

I was disappointed that it's the same trailer we saw with some new stuff and a few changes, but still this game is going to be amazing. That was definitely game-play in some parts. Glad to see Sony is taking notice of this developer to be putting them front and center.

FamilyGuy3429d ago

The amount of leaked E3 info from sony. Everything they showed was more than what we had seen but we still had seen some of it a new about it. Their conference was somehow still great despite all of that though.

ThanatosDMC3429d ago

HAHAHAH! It's not CGI! Just play Uncharted and close up the camera on Nathan Drakes concrete hair. Same graphical quality.

I know, it's hard to believe.

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fire233429d ago

I can tell any one who is doubting the sales of this game one thing, the internet is hear to show it off this time.

Montreafart3429d ago

Only possible on PS3.

ALL NAYSAYERS ARE OWNED. Sony stole E3 and more.

God of war 3
Uncharted 2
NEW FF13 trailer
The Agent Exclusive
Lost planet 2 confirmed
True motion sensing controller



user8586213429d ago

360 has nothing!!! come on ur sayin splinter cell (cough timed) and alan wake (cought alone in the dark) where the only exclusives!! oyeh n halo beach lmao

kewlkat0073429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

their games are usually sleepers and don't sell as much as some hyped game.

This game looks like it has the same production value as Alan Wake.

Take all the time they want. I'm def getting this one because I like the vision behind the games, regardless of Graphics...etc

Of course other games like Okami fall in the same boat.

The General3429d ago

that tries his best to pretend like your not biased against the PS3. Stop trolling our news!!

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