Sony talks about its new motion control tech launching in Spring 2010

VG247: New motion control tech from Sony was talked about in the press event today which launches in Spring 2010.

Been working on it for a few years, apparently and the company wants to enable a new set of experiences.

The prototype of the new controller shows a glowing sphere on the end of the controller, and the PS Eye can track it.

Demonstration showed 1 to 1 motion control and on the demonstration screen, the controller is a racket in the demoer's hand, while in reality, it's a controller and the image changes with what he's holding like a sword.

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Pennywise3428d ago

I agree, but when all of your competition does it. You have to do it too.

ShabzS3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

i actually liked the first person shooter part of the demo.. imagine playing doom with a pistol in one hand and flashlight in another

once again both companies are doing the same thing in completely different ways... love it ... although natal is still the most ambitious of the 2

JhawkFootball063428d ago

Microsoft eliminated the waggle and use yourself. Truely innovate. Like Steven Spielburg said. "Microsoft didnt invent the wheel. It just made the wheel invisible." Project Natal is truely innovating and Sonys Advanced Eyetoy looks like what Ive seen before already on the Wii.

WhittO3428d ago

The thing i loved about it was RESPONSE TIMES, MS motion control response times were awful, like a second delay.

The delay for the sony motion sensors were almost non-existant, making actually playing games .. do-able.

The only games that can be played with the MS motion sensors are ps eye games.

JhawkFootball063428d ago

I have to say this kinda looks like an advanced Wii. Microsoft had true innovation. This type of technology will redefine the way we play games. Imagine your playing Fight Night Round 4 ONLINE vs another player. Your using Natal which can track your every movement. You can actually fight a real online player and it will feel like your fighting. You will have to defend and block your self and counter back. This is just truely innovating and I cant wait to get my hands on it. Great Work Microsoft.

TheBand1t3428d ago

Natal is the more ambitious one, yea. But the Titanic was also one of the most ambitious ships built at the time and was called unsinkable.

It'll either be a massive success or the greatest failure.

Marcelles253428d ago

i can admit P.N. is very innovative and has lots of potention but will only wok with certain things

like with fight night people like being able to see their character hit the other character you cant get that with P.N.

also you cant have players have stats like in fight night characters have punching speed and agility you cant have that with project natal

i got to admit though P.N. Looks absolutely amazing lol

Awesome Possum3428d ago

I still dont get how you shoot in Natal or even move your guy forward.

Rainstorm813428d ago

Sony's motion control will appeal more to hardcore gamers than Natal and the Wii has all but lost the hardcore gamer. Without the Milo tech demo Natal is lack luster. Although the face and voice and body recognition is great. but the drawing a picture and it being recognized is a rip of the Eyepet and everything else can be done with the eystoy 2. Percision is key for gamers sony seems to know this.

menoyou3428d ago

Sorry but real 1 to 1 motion controls don't count as waggle. Sony has finally brought us real motion control. And hopefully Microsoft's Natasha will bring us something even fresher. Both of these companies have left Nintendo in the dust technically, though I'm sure Nintendo will continue selling.

We are finally entering the future of gaming, care of Sony and Microsoft. Sony's motion control live demonstration was super impressive.

doG_beLIEfs3428d ago

Sony's motion control is so accurate and precise because it tracks its motion and location AND position of the stroke down to MM's.

That is not waggle, that is true 1to1 control. In one part of the demo it showed that depending on the angle of the brush stroke you got a different look...just like a REAL paintbrush.

zoneofenders3428d ago

i think both SCE and MS outdo Ninty on this one.
MS is more ambitious (can you believe that lionhead staff? my friend is a computer engineer. He sure cant.) and SCE is more realistic.
wii motion plus just looks stupid.
but of course, probably the only one that will sell is wii motion plus.........

D4RkNIKON3428d ago

No buttons is a fail. I love how you MS fans think that Nintendo was aiming at the casual market, and then 360 does this lol. Core games involve complexities that using motion control alone just can't handle. There needs to be buttons.. iphone has no buttons and is a casual gaming experience and it will never amount to much more than that. Same thing with Natal, it has no buttons for advanced controls (can't work with first person shooters) and it will be a device for stealing from Nintendos casual market. Not that Sony's device isn't a gimmick. I am sure Sony's motion controller is meant for the casual market. But in the tech demo today Sony showed us how such controls could be used in a core game.

The Great Melon3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


You hit right there. Buttons are a must. I wrote a post the other day trying to explain that. Project Natal could be enhanced greatly if there was to hold and push. If the PS motion controller is done right, it could allow similar controls that the dualshock has while adding an extra layer of immersion. Several years ago I thought Nintendo had that capability, but their final product came out something the Eye Toy. The Eye Toy can be fun but there is little depth in detecting motion versus having 1 to 1 motion tracking.

As it is right now, it may look a little goofy with the light, but if they can turn that into a product along with more features Sony will be ones that change how we play games in the future.

njr3428d ago

Whether or not this thing will last depends on developer support, same goes for Natal.

indysurfn3428d ago

Microsoft, they are the original makers way back in 1998! Wii came out in

november 2006. Some people are not able to think outside the box and

research something. They will repeat the FIRST criticism a person comes

up with. And NEVER research the truth. So how are ignorant people acting

like Nintendo made it? The first one was made in 1998 by microsoft for a

PC game they made called microsoft flight simulator. The controller is

called the 'side winder' I bought one I know. But here is your proof if

you was not born yet. Also guess where the

first webcam motion detection device appeared? That's right on a pc using

microsoft windows.

1 First motion controller was made by Microsoft.
2 First motion detecting webcam was by Microsoft.

No WONDER they are the ones to make a controller less

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

But their first interest was the hardcore gamer. Unlike Nintendo, Sony is appealing to both the hardcore and casual and unlike MS, Sony is showing a demonstration of 1:1 ratio video capture that will be far more reliable than the Wii-mote or Natal. If you can capture motion at a true 1:1 ratio then you have the best innovation out there.

Biphter3427d ago

But what if they somehow manage to incorporate that tech into the standard dualshock 3? Remember all the rumours floating around about a "break apart" joypad for PS3? What if they manage to get the sensors smaller or even concealed inside? and then simply release a dualshock 3 shaped controller that splis into two pieces.......

Package that as standard with the future PS3 Slim and all you need is a PS eye.

All a bit heresay, but don't take those prototype wands as final look.

The Great Melon3424d ago


Still have the old SideWinder somewhere at home. Good memories.

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sunnygrg3428d ago

That was a great demo. This is what the Wii motion control should have been. I loved it when he played tennis with those controls, and the archery. I hope you can tone down the sensitivity though, though that is a given.

Only :( was the design. Ugh, change it.

pwnsause3428d ago

they said it was a prototype, its going to change cosmetically, dont take it as the final product, there are still some questions to be left answered, like how can I move my Character on screen with this. For example, the Wii has the analog stick with the Wiimote to move the character.

fezthabest3427d ago

Totally agree with you there, it right now looks like a D1LDO, or a bingo marker.

I seriously think they should add this somehow to the dualshock3. For example make the triggers on the dualshock3 the sensor of the motion or something like that

forumcudude3428d ago

FPS and RTS games will be awesome with that!

Fishy Fingers3428d ago

Thats the one part that got me interested. I can see this being used with "hardcore" games rather than just the casual/dancing around type stuff.

UnblessedSoul3428d ago

Everyone hating Sonys waggle when they clearly said the design is still prototype..the precision and graphics is better then the wii, no need to cry fanboys MS's one just doesn't work oh look at my imaginary pedo friend

qface643428d ago

the precision is just about the same thing as the wiimote with wii motion plus nothing more nothing less

Rainstorm813428d ago

the wii probably couldnt handle the physics in that demo let alone the controller go take a look at the PS motion Tech demo and ninty's press conference

The Great Melon3428d ago

Unless the Wii motion plus removes the lag, the precision is rather meaningless.

condorstrike3428d ago

This is what the Wii motion control should have been? right, but regardless , Nintendo started it. and Microsoft went over the top, Sony's just a little too late to the party though.

Blackcanary3428d ago

Dude the Eye Toy on the PS2 was the first thing to inroduce motion control with out a game pad get ur facts right 360 and Nintendo took that idea and just improved on it. And Sony just improved on the Playstation Eye. Where the hell are people getting there facts from.

qface643428d ago

didn't the power glove use motion controls?

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