E3: Modnation Racers Announced For PS3

The developers of LittlBigPlanet have announced a new title for the PS3 called Modnation Racers.


Sorry. Not the makers of LBP..

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- Ghost of Sparta -3517d ago

In short, the LBP of racing games. Another 95% on Metacritic incoming.

vhero3517d ago

From the look of it, it's gonna be awesome but why 2010?? I mean it looks near finished customizable parts anyways and since its all about that I dont get why such a long release date..

Anon19743517d ago

LBP meets MarioKart. Great idea. Looks like tonnes of fun.

DEADEND3517d ago

MarioKart eat your heart out lol YEA!!!

Cyrius3517d ago

Not the developers of LBP.

Uncle Rico3517d ago

This is very awesome. Talk about incredible customization.

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The story is too old to be commented.