Screenshots from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker writes an article with a lot of screenshots of new Hideo Kojima title created exclusively for PSP.

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BadboyCivic3429d ago

looks like snake eater which was the best MGS in my opinion.

hay3429d ago

You speak some cool things, have a bubble.

cryymoar3429d ago

Kojima is on board with this one. A REAL MGS game.

UnblessedSoul3429d ago

Why is Kojima putting all his resources into a psp game? I bet Konami f-ed him over

FamilyGuy3429d ago

He was sh!tting all over M$ game when he announced this as the "true sequel", directed by him and "the team from the real MGS franchise"

I guess it was true after all that he didn't like or want to be on M$ stage.

Foxgod3429d ago

ALl those snakes all over the place, looks like a cool game :)
Never before was snake this disposable.

Sir, sir, reports coming in, snake 1 just died, i repeat snake 1 just died.

Looks like we need another snake! errr, timmy.

V ii T aL3429d ago

im still mad that it is just psp game instead of a ps3 game :(