PS Store Revised

While everyone has their eyes on Sony's E3 conference, the EU and US PS Store's have been given a little freshen up.

No new features; however there is a darker shade of blue to the background and new borders to each segment (e.g. Latest, PS3 Games etc). Overall, it looks fresher and is an improvement over the older style, but this is not a massive change by any means.

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KobeT243429d ago

It must look nicer for the arrival of Final Fantasy 7!

WhittO3429d ago

ye, i really like the way the selected icons ift up and glow.

Prefer the older sounds to the new ones, the new sounds are more annoying..

menoyou3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

It looks much nicer and it's more responsive and loads faster.

NegativeCreepWA3429d ago

I wonder how much FFVII will sell, it might just beat Castle Crashers as fastest selling DL title. What am I saying it'll probably sell over a million in under a month.

Sangria3429d ago

And there is still no Demo section on European PSstore *sigh*

butterfinger3429d ago

say goodbye to your search button in the US store, apparently.

butterfinger3429d ago

Where is it located now then, BillyBob?

micro_invader3429d ago

I like the look of this, looks a lot "lighter", more easy on the eyes.

bleachrulez3429d ago

cant wait till i get home to see it

Typical-Guy3429d ago

is that what they can come up with ??? fresher store icons ?
Sony always disappoint their fans . I have a question , why the hell they said the video store is for everyone where they go ???
it's only in US . Sony gave us the finger again .

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The story is too old to be commented.