Heavenly Sword Behind The Scenes

Here is a video of Andy Serkis doing the Mo-Cap for King Botan in Heavenly Sword. It gives you a nice take on the Dialogue and story. Not to mention some superb acting by Serkis.

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specialguest4274d ago

hahah as I'm watching the video, I couldn't help but anticipate Gollum's personality to come out. hehe Andy Serkis is an excellent voice and motion actor.

techie4274d ago

"sacred genitals" LOL

Torch4274d ago

Gave me "goosepimples."

Toolman4274d ago

Damn he is the man.
I have never seen so detailed motion capturing in a game before, i guess sony is pumping some cash into this

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The story is too old to be commented.