Gamepro Feature: Exclusive First Look at Burnout 5 - New Screenshots

Throw what you know about Burnout in the fire. Inside Criterion's quest to build a better Burnout.

Alex Ward can assure us that Burnout 5 (a working title only) will still be the game so many have come to love. "Burnout has always been about driving like a madman through traffic, and that hasn't changed at all." But, he said, "if we just made Burnout Revenge again on the PS3 and 360, no one would be satisfied with that-least of all us. [Burnout 5] is still based on the premise of driving like a maniac and crashing your car. But it's got some significant differences."

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techie5839d ago

omg omg i want this now!

power of Green 5839d ago

I might pick this one up i never owned any Burnouts.

techie5839d ago

best arcade racing game ever made. Road Rage is the funnest thing ever...and dodging traffic is great. Amazing games

Halochampian5839d ago (Edited 5839d ago )

They are freaking amazing. The sense of speed and destruction is undescribable

power of Green 5839d ago

Right on guys thanks i'll pick it up, DP" Although you understand that Sony is a great console campany and my ignorance of the fact gets in the way due to not getting into Sonys products; you're not too bad of a gamer.(in my hard headed way im saying i respect you opinions).

techie5839d ago (Edited 5839d ago )

Cheers Pog. It's all about the games and always has been.

I can't afford all the consoles and they've always been good to me and I research the game products. So hey...just don't like unfounded negativity.


I'm f*cking ace at burnout. On Burnout 3 I did 16 whole laps burning nonstop's so cool cause you have to dodge on coming traffic.

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SmokeyMcBear5839d ago

ive never played burnout, but his game looks pretty awesome. My only quibble would be with the hundereds of little pieces of "car" in the first crash pic, but other than that looks good. Now would Road Rage be part of the game, like a mode, or something else. Cuz I remember Road Rage as a kick as bike game, man I love that game, ahh the genesis days, good times.

techie5839d ago (Edited 5839d ago )

it's a mode where you play against other cars and you have to knock them off the road and they blow up as you're have to get so many cars in a race. It's sooooo good.

Road Rage :)

And not to mention crash mode...where you try and cause as much destruction as possible... oh it's fun.

Halochampian5839d ago

Road Rage is a game mode where you have to wreck your opponents. It so much fun. The online Road Rage mode was just as fun.

MK_Red5839d ago

Wow, the game looks amazing and if stays true to Burnout 3 & Revenge it will be a monster.
They say PS3 version is gonna be better thanks to CPU, if its true and PS3 version is really better then I have to find money to buy a PS3...

Halochampian5839d ago

I highly doubt there would be any noticable differences and if there are... I dont think I could put out 500+ dollars for a slightly better version... thats assuming you have a 360 now.

IPlayGames5839d ago

Graphics will be the same but A.I. will be better.

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