PS3 - Marketing a 'Comeback'

It's hard to say that a console needs a comeback after being on the market not even 5 months, and SCEA certainly wouldn't call it that, but Peter Dille, SCEA's SVP of Marketing, does acknowledge that marketing the PS3 is an "ongoing education effort." GameDaily speak with Dille about Sony's marketing efforts and post-launch challenges.

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techie4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )


Robotz Rule4277d ago

Classic!,ha ha ha...very funny...zzzzz.....

scarlett_rg4277d ago

Phew! For once someone from Sony doesn't come out of an interview with his foot in his mouth.

I still think they're putting way too much faith into HOME though. I mean, it's going to have some good features... but the 3D world?... in my opinion, a big waste of company resources that could be much better utilized elsewhere. I personally don't think it will have the impact they're hoping for. It doesn't interest me in the least, and I'm quite sure I'm not the only gamer out there that feels that way.

It's just like fancy, graphical websites. I hate the bloody things. Skip the song and dance, and just give me the information already! And true, HOME does have a quick menu system... but like I said, spend your resources on something other than a fancy 3D world.

My opinion... Sony misses the mark again. I -used- to be a big fan. But they've lost me, and need to do much better than this to get me back.

I'll stick with 360 and Wii for now.

TheExecutive4277d ago

As i respect your opinion.. non-biased to say the least

I must diagree... I really believe that home will be fancy for those who want it to be fancy... and those who just want to play games... i think it will be a medium between both. Its about CHOICE right? this wont be "just" a marketing scheme

Adriokor4277d ago

I think they are going for something similiar...

artman4277d ago

My opinion... M$ misses the mark again. I -used- to be a big fan. But they've lost me, and need to do much better than elite to get me back.

I'll stick with PS3 and Wii for now.


techie4277d ago

You see I think the concept of Home is very intriguing to Human beings if you think about it in more depth...don't just think of it as a 3d world. Thing of it as a 3d space in which you interact with others, and you can control. It's a persons's like us talking in here, but with 3d characters. And I can show you some leaked footage of a game on my TV in my apartment, or we can go and have a chat with a developer.

It's all very intriguing. And to average consumer they will most likely say "woah cool" and that's what matters :)

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whengeeksgobad4277d ago

It's the price. I'd buy one if it didn't cost nearly as much as my monthly rent does. Thats just sick. To all of you who could/can afford it and have already purchased one or are planning on it, great. I've said this over and over again but I just cannot justify that cost, and if Sony gets away with successfully selling a console for $600.00, the next gen consoles will have a much higher likelihood of costing that as well. That's just not right.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4277d ago

i have one and it`s well worth the $$$.
It`s just one of those things once ya buy it ya know where your money went.
But on the other hand i understand you(and agree).
they`ll bring the price down when it`s right,when they get rumble back,when the games start rollin in weekly, when MS starts messin up(more than they all ready have recently).

Just sit tight and wait.
it`ll come down. TRUST ME.

SlippyMadFrog4277d ago

Does it cost nearly as much as your rent does??? Then it's cheap in my oppion. I live in South Africa and here it costs 3 times as much as one months rent. Even an Xbox360 costs more than one months rent. You guys have it easy man!

artman4277d ago

same here in Indonesia, they first sell ps3 for almost US$1500 (with 3 original games), now it's almost US$900... even wii is US$500 (with 10 pirated games)... 360? $400~ with extra 10 pirated games... I'm sure M$ intent to let the pirate games free here,... it sell their console more for sure... (I bought one. not even when the pirate soft release yet)

so, the one who buy PS3 ... is the one who have money... and majority in indonesia is poor country~ they like ps3, but they can't afford the game...

techie4277d ago

See that's a shame...but it does happen a lot in every consoles life. Especially with the playstation. The ps2 was expensive in its day...and as we all know the sales are majorly there when the price starts to go down. Look forward to the price cut at christmas...also have lots of games then...and may I be so bold as to say r.....u.........m..........b.. ......l....e

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DJ4277d ago

Both I and countless others see Home as an important step because not only does it help unify the online Playstation community, it actually surpasses what Sony's competitors have achieved in the same area. To assume that Home is Sony's sole focus in terms of PS3 software is a bit foolish. Before the announcement of home, people were arguing that Sony was resting on it's laurels and not innovating in any way. How wrong they were. There are obviously a lot more innovations on the way; Home is just the intro.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4277d ago

Home and LBPlanet were just the tip of the iceburg.
Sony luvs too overwhelm you with stuff.
Innovation is there goal(Flow,Home,LBP,MGS4 and so much more)
This Is a game of chess.
And sony has proven to be able to see a few moves ahead.
I don`t know about you but i can`t wait for the game conventions that are comin up, i think the overwhelming is going to start there.

Good Comment.

GameJunkieJim4276d ago

It's a pretty big stretch to call home "innovation" in any way shape or form. Rather, it's a conglomeration of Second Life, a Microsoft's unified live structure, and the XBox Achievements. But Sony is no stranger to copying other ideas to develop their consoles. Dual Shock, Analog, etc.

I want Sony to come up with something actually innovative instead of imitative, maybe that will curb the liklihood of them getting into further lawsuits (Immersion) and maybe be an even stronger competitor for Microsoft. that way everyone wins.

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