Four Amusing Lemmings Trailers

Here are four trailers for the downloadable PS3 game, Lemmings.

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Violater4272d ago

you suicidal little Lemmings, gotta love em.

techie4272d ago

My fave game in the past...i have it on my computer...but it's the original build. And it's weird cause i think it's built to run to the best abilities of the the game runs so fast i can't even see the lemmings...ooops

techie4272d ago

hahaha so amusing. :I What douche posted this sh*t!?

Sphinx4272d ago

Isn't this a little too coincidental/ironic? Lemmings? PS3? Who else would buy a PS3 right now but a Lemming?
Ok, I didn't mean that, but I had to say it for my own amusement.
Anyway, I've always loved Lemmings, but I want a Lost Vikings game!

JOLLY14272d ago

You took the text right out of my message. aka, words right out of my mouth.

SmokeyMcBear4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

wait, isnt a lemming a blind follower, kinda like the ones that still buy a console are many reported red rings of death, people getting 4-5 consoles because of previous consoles breaking, said console scratching/breaking/cracking game discs, happens so much that they are actually putting in place an extended warranty policy and game buy back program, so many occurances that fill up more than 40 pages in a single thread, with moderators complaining and pleading for people to post in a single thread rather than have hundreds of threads on the same subject... you mean those kind of lemmings???

sorry sorry for the rant, just couldnt help myself. Lemmings is a fun game, played the demo, just didnt see myself justifying a purchase of the game, didn't think I'd play it too often