Learn To Walk DS

Yes, on 5/17/2007 you'll be able to import a non-game that teaches you how to walk. The DS cartridge was developed by none other than Duke Saraie, Japan's walking guru. What, you've never heard of him!? According to his website he's a huge star and even received special recognition from the government of Japan!

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Sphinx4278d ago

Those Japanese people sure are crafty... or weird.

InMyOpinion4277d ago

Very weird indeed. When I think 'Japanese culture' these words are what comes to mind: Doki Doki Super Genki Go! Go! Robot Taisen Mecha Mecha Gundam VR Ultra Pro Beckham Hentai Edition. Ikuze! Onsen Takkyuu!?!

004277d ago

I CAN WALK it's a miracle.