Transformers: The Game - First Look

BY Jon Wilcox of TVG:

"As a mid-twentysomething, there's nothing more nostalgic (other than listening to the screeching loading tones of Sinclair Spectrum) than thinking back to Transformers, the kids cartoon that cynics would describe as being little more than a thirty-minute animated toy advert. Powerful robotic characters with names as evocative as Megatron, Starscream, Grimlock, and of course, Optimus Prime, conjure up exciting adventures between Autobots and Decepticons, as they continue a millennia-long war across the galaxy from the planet Cybertron to planet Earth...and back again. Playing with the toys (and inevitably making some sort of transforming noise along the way), as they changed into a myriad of cars, jets, and guns, whiled away the hours - the branded 'Robots in Disguise' even featured in my first experience of going to the cinema back in the mid-1980s, where I (and countless other five-year olds) cried at the death of Autobot leader, Optimus Prime..."

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Keyser5840d ago

that was a sad day. I Manned-Up and didn't cry though. Allergies...

Should be a good movie...I hope.

SmokeyMcBear5840d ago

yes.. it was a terrible day, but awesome movie. Yeah roddimus just didnt do it for me, I have yet to finish the series, I only saw through the first season then got distracted, this upcoming movie will jolt me into seeing the rest of both season 2 and three, so many episodes in season 2 though.

giovonni5840d ago

you get two thumbs up for that picture you have.

Rasputin20115840d ago

For this Movie and hopefully the game will hold it's own.

P.S. Smokey that pic is too much to handle dude

Robotz Rule5839d ago

Optimus Prime is #1,death to the Decepticons,I can't wait for the video game and the movie,I think I'm going to watch it twice if it's really good and buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray,Mechs & Robots rule!!!

dantesparda5839d ago

I saw this movie at the movie theaters 3 times! even til day, i still love this movie. But i gotta say, that what happened to series after the movie. Is just an abomination to me. And while i did not like Rodimus, Hot Rod was the sh!t

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