Phil Harrison Crashes Rock Show, Awkwardness Ensues

Every month Mr. Biffo contributes the wonderful Biffovision column in Edge magazine. Oh, except next month. Next month's column has been pulled by Edge and won't appear in the next issue because "it was felt to be too much of a personal attack on a certain individual". Certain individual being Phil Harrison.

Basically, both Harrison and Mr. Biffo were at a weekend-long Marillion gig in Amsterdam. At one point during proceedings, someone in the crowd won a signed t-shirt, but rather than keeping it got up and auctioned it off for charity instead. Things go downhill from there...

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Sphinx4268d ago

I find it quite humorous. I can just imagine it... obviously no one there wanted the thing. Sorta reminds me of walking into a lesbian convention and trying to flirt with the ladies: no one there wants what I have!

GaMr-4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Who the hell in their right mind brings 600 euros to a rock concert. I bet if he had did that at an NBA game or some kind of large scale celebrity event he would of gotten much better response. lol

Sony cracks me up sometimes.

@ Putty: If she's your girl you should really tell her to stay out of club Cheetah NYC...Cause thats were I met this

fenderputty4268d ago

... how did you get a picture of my GF's ass?

Phil is an idiot sometimes. The only people bringing 600+ dollars to a concert are buying drugs not PS3's.

Antan4268d ago

Lol, kudos putty..........which incidently is what i used to be known as when i was a kid!!

Ps30074268d ago

Funny they arent printing the story, no proof what so ever... Sorry dont believe.

Prove it and ill believe it. As of now its more of this sites typical garbage articles...

Find it very conveniant the story wont end up in the magazine... HRmmmm

Sphinx4268d ago

Probably not, too worried about blindly following the Sony hype train.

TheExecutive4268d ago

Who cares if it is even true?? Lighten up and laugh a little...

Blackmoses4268d ago

Now that really humors me....LMFAO!!!!!!!!

Keyser4268d ago

this is not one of those cases. As some one said ealier, who would have that kind of money on them at a rock concert? He should have weighed the good with the incredibly stupid and not jumped on stage.

His band friends should have saved his pride and said they would buy one and then threw it into the crowd (ever so delicate throw..underhand).

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The story is too old to be commented.