Japanese devs speak out on behalf of Western Gaming

Nestled within the covers of the March 16th issue of Weekly Famitsu is a feature article explaining the current rage that is "Western" gaming. Whether by poor marketing, poor localization, or perhaps just personal bias, the majority of Japanese gamers still maintain the opinion that games developed in America or Europe have nothing to offer them. In an attempt to dispel the myths, Famitsu arranged for several interviews with top Japanese development talent to get their take on games made outside of Japan, but due to space restrictions, many of the developers' comments had to be cut.

However, the magazine has preserved these candid interviews, and will be reprinting them in a five part series to be presented all week long on Monday's interview was with Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi, who, in addition to working on the Daytona USA series, was also the producer behind Yakuza. In this article are his thoughts, translated by GamePro.

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specialguest4269d ago

If these Japanese gamers give some of the western style games a chance, they may end up liking it. I know for a fact that Chinese and Taiwanese people love their western PC games.

highps34269d ago

This was a waste of time to read.

Theo11304269d ago

because you cant post somthing derogitory twards another system, and say something fanboyish, bollocks to you

2tired2day2hate4269d ago

the people saying "no one else makes game we like", are the same people who love games with monsters, games about cooking, horse racing games, and games with young girls barely wearing clothes plus just childish games.

i mean not everyone is going to like western/asian games, but for a country the size of montana who likes things other countries/continents aren't interested in to be confused about it is dumb. maybe the western games arent as creative, but you cant expect them to want to target an audiance who would only make a small percentage of profit.

level 3604269d ago

Bring out any game, one from the past another just recently released and you might still get a totally different set of opinion particularly from Japan as it is from the West... All good to hear, plus gives us more variety to choose if we wanted to accept/try out their sort of games and them with ours.