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Sony planning to 'steal' Mass Effect 2 at conference?

Bioware's Mass Effect 2 was strangely absent from Microsoft's E3 Keynote presentation today. Given the titles importance in the Xbox 360's exclusive lineup, could this be a sign that the once 360/PC exclusive may also be heading to the Playstation 3? There have been whispers around the hallowed halls of the convention centre that this may infact come to pass.

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Immortal Kaim5108d ago

I have a feeling that Mass Effect 2 will be announced as multiplatform at Sony's press conference. I mean, if they can make more money by having other platforms, why not?

gaminoz5108d ago

Tit for tat, hey?

Final Fantasy: multi, Metal Gear: multi, so now Mass Effect multi?

Maybe. Let's have a few more multi titles: Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell..

snp5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

Seems unlikely to me unless they find a way to package a port of Mass Effect 1 in with it.

It'd be hell to try and promote two-thirds (only) of a series on one platform.

Not that i mind either way; own a PC and PS3 (best duel combo imo), so i'd be picking up the prettier and easier to control (personal preference) PC version anyhow.

PS: Care to explain the disagree? You know - speak up..?

.. guess not. lol.

TheHater5108d ago

Uncharted and Heavy Rain are Sony own IP's.

talltony5108d ago

It would be so funny if my man jack lifted his sleeve up to show a mass effect tattoo! lmao that would be so win!

RememberThe3575108d ago

It seems to me that EA wanted to show the game off at their press conference, and not at MS.

But, you never know these days.

C_SoL5108d ago

Clearly you guys didn't watch the EA conference.

StanLee5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

I thought I was the only one who watched. It was already announced for XBox 360 and PC. This pettiness is really getting silly. E3 is suppose to be a showcase where the gamers win yet, all I see is flame baiting and fanboyism. And the pathetic excuse of blogs and tweeters we call the gaming media isn't helping.

The Master Chief5108d ago

Seriously this could be a huge announcement for PS3, Mass Effect is one of the biggest games out there and seriously Mass Effect just rules, everyone should get to play it.

Cross your fingers! :D

Megatron085108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

This is extremely unlikely. They only announce that ME2 was an 360 exclusive a couple of days ago. Before then everyone thought it was going to be multiplat. Why would EA/Bioware annonce what console ME2 was going to be on then turn around and change it a couple of days later.

StanLee5108d ago

Dude, you're trying to use logic on fanboys?! Good luck.

really duh5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )


The writer of this article didn't know EA had their conference and had already announced the platforms. Its been a busy day I'm not mad at him he's usually spot on.

No one is stealing anything from Microsoft on any level. Microsoft isn't even done.

TheRealSpy025108d ago

i suppose it's possible that it may come to ps3. not likely. but if it does, great. the more ppl who get to enjoy it, the better.

isn't it funny the difference in mentality between the ps3 and 360 fans. 360 fans just seem to be happy to get great games. ps3 fans take it personally when games go multiplat.

at any rate. the reason i think it's not going to happen for sony is because if it were, MS would have definitely shown mass effect in an attempt to one up them since they got to go first. but like i said, if it does, very cool.

snp5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

I think you're cherry picking a bit there. Both are as bad and as good as each other.

Naturally the 'camp' you're more aligned with, if that rocks your boat, is going to seem more wholesome, friendly, approachable and less inclined to any of that nasty stuff than the one you've been traditionally rallying against.

Also should point out there's a degree of deliberate - if maybe unconscious - provocativeness in constantly pointing out one (fan type) as better than the other - since you seem to have repeated this statement, or something very like it, about five times in a row now i've noticed.

The best way to promote harmony is too simply be harmonious. Not to constantly, selectively, call out one half of a brawl and not the other - unless you're intending irony?

Cupid_Viper_35108d ago

Who in the da F*ck needs ME2? SERIOUSLY?

you guys fall for the bait so quick and easily, relax a little.

WE have more first party exclusive in 2009-2010 then Microsoft had since they've made a gaming console, and that's after MS paid almost a quarter of a billion dollars to have MGS, GTA4, TEKEN6, DMC4, GTA4, HDDVD, and so many other side deals to appear on their console and convince some people that their console is Sony's equal. and the sad truth is, its not.

So stop jumping up and down for these baseless articles man. last year, their biggest announcement was a Playstation game, this year, you guessed it, another playstation game.

There are very good reasons why I dont have a 360, first, it breaks easily, second, 5 Halos in 4 years wont do it for me, sorry, I need something else 3rd, I dont want MS to dictate which Playstation game I get to play, when i can just walk into gamestop and pick it up guarrantied, instead of holding my breath and hating on it.

when company A can publically admit that they have a list of company B's assets that they're trying to get, its also publically admitting ,(to every SMART person around), that it doesnt get anybetter then CompanyB. so that's why Im with company B, in this case Sony.

so again ps3 guys, please let them keep ME2, I would much rather play some new IP from Sony them ME2.

Pika-pie5108d ago

That would be awesome to give Microsoft a taste of its own medicine for a change

cmrbe5108d ago

I am not that interested in Multi-plats tomrrow. Exclusives is what i am interested in.

I would take a new VC anyday over this.

What is it with x360 fans and multi-plats anyways?. I speak for my self and i honestly think that ME2 multi-plat is not a big deal like some people here are making out to be if it comes true.

I have a PC that i am able to play Crysis in middle settings so really i am not interested in this if true as i can still play it regardless of weather it announce tomrrow or in the future.

AKNAA5108d ago

Hehehe... Well said. I couldn't agree more (bobbles)
All I have to say is that ME2 better not be one of sony's big announcements, or I'll be disappointed!
I'd rather see heavenly sword 2, FFvs13, or quantrum theory gameplay and release dates more than anything.

Omegasyde5108d ago

Well stated, your logic is well explained as to why you chose a PS3 over a 360.

Remember the old saying:
Imitation is the best form of flattery.
Hence PSN is getting close to matching XBL, and Microsoft wants all the great franchises that made the PS2 great.

However: => Microsoft should stop writing checks for multiplatform games and start opening studios and creating jobs.

TheRealSpy025108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

all i can say what everyone in this thread wrote. especially the few ppl below you.

there is a very obvious, discernible difference between the two "camps"

i was on xbox live all night and i can tell you that everyone on there was talking about E3 as a whole. excited to see what everyone was going to show.

but on my psn...i get all these messages all the time about how this is the year of the ps3 and ps3 is going to trash the competition (that, honestly, NEVER happens on Live). and you can see it in this thread too. it's clear that ps3 fanboys are die hard, sole system fans and don't care about gaming as a whole but just what sony can bring forward. sure there are die hard 360 fans too, but it's not an overwhelming majority of the community like it is with the ps3. and before all the ps3 fanboys think of hitting disagree. go have a look at the messages in your inbox on PSN. i guarantee you'll have and get similar messages all the time. not that i think that'll stop you from hitting disagree and taking bubbles...that seems to be what you're good at.

EDIT: @ cupidviper and his new following below him. that wasn't well said, it was a huge exaggeration. first of the 5 halo games in the last 4 years.... please. you must be thinking of call of duty.
second, this community really needs to get over this idea that you can just say whatever you want without anything to back it up. all you said was your opinion surrounded by numbers and "facts" that you pulled out of your anus.

final EDIT: "That would be awesome to give Microsoft a taste of its own medicine for a change."
umm...what medicine? you mean where they take their profits and reinvest it into providing its supporters with more great content and expanding the community? man, you people are sad. yeah, i wish sony would give us some of that medicine.

barom5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

You are one ignorant fool. First off I just checked my PSN inbox, nothing about "year of the PS3" and bla bla bla, just to prove your point wrong. Second, I urge you to try to talk crap about the 360 on the official playstation forums and see what type of response you'll get. You're thread will probably get locked but before it does you'll see what great and mature community Playstation has built up.

That forum by far is one of the most mature forums I've ever encountered. You think you'll disagree? Go ahead and check it for a month or two and you'll see it for yourself.

I'm not disregarding the fact that fanboys exists, it's even evident in the comments on this article. My point is that you're full of crap. I'll also urge you to check your inbox tomorrow to see what type of responses you get AFTER the Sony conference. I'm sure they'll be talking about the games that were announced/revealed/demoed as well.

Oh and for the record. I've noticed way more douchebags on 360 thanks to the inclusion of headset on most 360 consoles. That does not mean PS3 doesn't have their own but if I were to use your logic, then that's exactly what it would mean wouldn't it?

BattleAxe5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

Theres no question, this game is comming to the PS3.

snp5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

I stand by what i said. The two are equal opposites - and anyone truly impartial would agree. I've read this thread, and i've read a bunch of other threads over a long period of time.

Hell, i spent a good bit of time trying to figure what this acronym 'PoS3' meant.. Then it came to me. (i know, i'm old and slow..) Certainly not something from a kind smoking the peace bubbles, game-loving only, sort. Tried to figure out what this 'Sony Defense Force' nonsense term constantly cropping up was about, then i realized it was a way of deriding Sony fans who are bit quick to jump up to Sony's defense - as thought deriding something makes one impartial, but defending it (whether necessary or not) makes one a 'fanboy'. (hint - both are probably pretty insecure)

There's crud both ways, of course - but that's the point. Even on this E3 presentation; I genuinely don't believe Microsoft's was all that show stopping. Nothing personal. Some things make me go wow, some don't. Nothing in that did.

Some people perhaps genuinely did think the presentation was superb. But no doubt some are also building it up in the hope that they'll convince others anything but the other camp announcing they'll be taking over the world is, by comparison, a flop. This is the whole point, though, there's all kinds of subtle and not so subtle ways of being partison and playing these little games. I've seen as much gloating, false bravado, and derision from XBox360 fans as i have from PS3 fans, basically.

I mean, think about it, the idea that people who buy one particular piece of plastic will be inherently better people than those who buy another... It is a bit of an odd assertion.

PS: Don't be too fragile with the disagree's. I've got 8 on a post further up without a single explanation as to why anyone disagrees or what they disagree with.. Seems to be a bit the way of this place. Click and run. Meh, just youth i s'pose.

Cupid_Viper_35107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

There is no HUGE EXAGERATION my friend, actually the real facts are so close, you might as well call it a GLITCH in my previous statement. here are some facts and fight them all you want....and also, read my comment a little better. some how you read "LAST 4 YEARS" I said simply "4 YEARS"

halo1 nov 15 2001
halo2 nov 9 2004
halo3 sept 25 2007
halo wars mar 3 2009
halo ODST 2009
Halo Reach 2010

in 2 years- 2007-2009 there will be 3 HALO games
in 3 years- 2007-2010 there will be 4 HALO games
in 5 years- 2004-2009 there will be 4 HALO games
in 9 years- 2001-2010 there will be 6 HALO games

now you do some research and find out How many new IPs Sony had on the ps2/ps3 in between 2001-2009 and you'll clearly see why I onw a PS3.

also do the math for all the HALO games,and compare it Sony's gaming department spendings, advertisments money included, and see BUCK 4 BUCK dollar for dollar who's moving the industry forward.....ok?

Edit... just to be clear, if someone ask you: how old will you be in 2017? do you exclude the past years before that question was asked?

TheRealSpy025107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

just to be clear... you include "past 4 years" with future events?

are you insane?

EDIT: didn't realize this was my last comment. are doing a very smart thing sounding like an apologist and a neutral gamer at the same time. if you want to make sure you always get to have bubbles to say things that are meant to appeal to ppl who think they are smart, you have to take a "in the middle stance." to an extent anyway. what you are doing is simple masking your persuasion in confusing rhetoric that makes you look impartial. it's a very basic concept that i would hope most ppl can see right through. you are basically contradicting everything i've said with nothing contradictory. and all you have to do is sound clever enough to the dimwits that dominate n4g without making an actual point. and this act simply overwhelms them and since you're addressing me, that automatically makes my point of view negative.

the facts are simple. most ppl i associate with have both systems. we play games on both systems together. we also all hang out in person and see each other's messages and everything else. and we all know the same truth about the differences in the communities. on Live you never....never see anyone say anything bad about ps3 or anyone saying "you should buy this game it supports the community and buying it makes ppl spend more money developing for the 360." it just simply NEVER happens. but on ps3. our inboxes are overwhelmed by this idiotic mentality. i get messages regularly where ppl say exactly what i say but ps3 in place of 360.

i don't care what the pro ps3 majority (on n4g ONLY) thinks of my comments. it's plain as day. everyone with both systems can attest to this truth if they don't have a bias.

i think it's great that you live in this fantasy world where everyone is smelling flowers and playing video games with a 360 in one hand and ps3 controller in the other. i wish i could ignore what goes on, on this site especially. but, it's abundantly clear who dominates this site and who, otherwise, is the vast minority. and that the truth is, ps3 has been a huge financial failure for sony. they do get a few good games...enough that i believe it is worth the purchase if you already have a 360; but it's definitely not the superior system. it's most certainly proven that with its relatively mediocre sales, its lack of quality titles, and its inferior online network. if you are just a gamer and can look at this from a gamer perspective. the best choice is pc...followed distantly by 360...followed closely by ps3.

this isn't bias. this is just the truth. whatever sony does later's not going to top MS. nobody cares about their portable system and if they don't top "natal," they won't have anything.

and in the event they do happen to do something other than show more uncharted 2, gow 3, and gt [god only knows what number they're up to], and possibly a wii-mote rip off, then i'll personally apologize on my profile and stop commenting on n4g and be happy knowing that my ps3 is finally worth the money i spent on a, so far, disappointing system.

vhero5107d ago

When did this ever get announced as 360 exclusive they just havn't stuck a ps3 logo on it yet so you think its not coming?? Well guess what until a year ago for 2 years ff13 only had a ps3 logo on it... Get real people..

Jamegohanssj55107d ago

Anyone want to know Sony's keynote a head of time? Here it is:

PS3 is getting that shadows game which is exclusive and another Metal Gear game. PSP will get one. Epic(lawl) will supposely announce a exclusive for PS3 with a re defined engine. Conversation Simulation 1 will come to PS3 this Fall and Conversation Simulations 2 will be released side by side for PS3 and 360. Insomniac NC is working on a Zelda(lawl) type game. Syphon Filter PS3 will be announced. Nomura will announce that FF V 13 will release next spring in Japan and next summer every where else. Nomura will also announce Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusively to the PS3. FF 13 will be released this holiday season only on PS3 in Japan. MAG will be released this Fall. Update on Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Heavy Rain information to be given and a release date of next summer. BBC reporters game will be revealed. War Devil will be released January 2010. Grand Turismo and God of War 3 will be released next Spring. Project Trico will be released next year also and details will be revealed with updated video. Dark Cloud 3 will be announced. White Knight Chronicles and Demon's Soul will get a US release date for this holiday season. PS3 Slim announced for October with a $300 price tag.

I am sorry if I just ruined your PS3 E3 conference tomorrow.



Cupid_Viper_35107d ago

wow.....that was simply amazing, your fanboyism really flowed through in that comment there, now it all makes sense that you're getting sh1t on PSN, you're a little fanboy that probably goes on PSN and run your mouth to others, so they return the favor? Am I getting this right?

Here are some more fun facts since the PS3 has no

DMC4, MS bought,
Tekken 6, MS bought
GTA4, MS bought
FF13, MS bought
MGSR, MS bought
they admitted that they have shopping list, lol.
Bioschock, paid to keep from PS3,
countless RPGs, paid to keep from PS3
Blu Ray not necessary, yet they endorsed HD DVD lol
HDMI not necessary, $100 add-on, plus Instant 1080p is the new kid
Xbox360 if for games only, Netflix, Instant HD, You're in the Movies
Bragged about Metacritics for 2 years, but now Sony Silenced that. have a good night, Mr. Xbox360 is superior.

btw....another 2 years of begging for a PS3 exclusive starts in........oh it has started already? ok... well better get moving buddy, you dont wanna miss the "Bashing" before the "Begging"....gnite

snp5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

You seem a bit disorganized in your logic, Spy.

I'm not playing any rhetorical tricks anyone need 'see through', simply presenting the world as i've seen it here (mostly on PS3/PC/Wii/DS news pages, since i don't own an XBox360 and unless something particular peeks my interest, don't visit them). I don't have a 'clan' i play online with, so can't speak to any of that - point of fact i only know of one other person who owns either (my brother in law's brother, and it's an Xbox360). Most of my friends aren't gamers, and the few who are predominately own PC's. Nor have i even looked at my PS3 inbox lately, or care really what advertisements may or may not be in there.

Frankly, to be honest with you, i think you're projecting for the most part. I see someone who's playing the 'gamer' card, but then rushes to multiple edit's if he see's anything perceived as even slightly derogatory to his preferred system - and by contrast, doesn't even notice criticisms on the other system to the point where he doesn't believe such criticisms actually exist (or certainly not in equal numbers). I'm sure the acronyms 'Pos3' and 'Sdf' must have rung a bell...

Likewise, most of the remainder of your post is just shots at this and that and the other about the PS3, which certainly don't make you seem unbiased. That Microsoft's done well this gen, particularly in America and that Sony's system has underperformed comparative to the PS2 is self-evident - but as someone playing games, ultimately so what? That one is 'better' than the other, though, isn't self-evident - it's entirely preference, and to suggest otherwise i'm afraid IS bias. Some people 'genuinely' prefer the free online of PS3 to what the Xbox360 offers at a price. Some people 'genuinely' prefer the games range of the PS3 over the 360. Some people genuinely like the scalable harddrive and media center options it throws up. Genuinely like the inclusion of Bluray etc. etc. If you can't fathom how that could be, then your whole view of bias/non bias is skewered and of course you're going to be seeing enemies everywhere..

As to the bit about Sony's e3 stuff - again, it's more projecting. Actually, it's exactly what you've accused me of, really. You know darn well those are some huge titles for Sony and will be center pieces of their display. Hence, dismiss them up front and you've preempted a failure, and Microsoft ends up smelling of roses - it's silliness; moreover it's patent them/us fanboyism. I agree MS's camera thing could be neat, but it's two years away - frankly it's next years e3, with plenty of question marks. Remove that and those games that will also be coming on PS3 (and in my case PC), and there really just isn't that much there imo. Again, it's just an opinion, though.

I don't actually care, btw, about your positioning, but as a straight shooter i'm inclined to point it out if i spot it. If you want to concentrate on the positive, do so. Cool. If you want to brawl, do so. Also cool. But don't toddle on about how unbiased you are when you're clearly not with these 'shots' dropped here there and everywhere, or play the victim card as though the hordes have 'driven you' to each comment. You've provided you're fair share of pokes and some pretty myopic spinning in recent posts - which is why i decided in the first place to point out your provocation was a little obvious.

gintoki7775107d ago

i rather them not steal because this will be attempt to get them back and i dont think it will affect them

jrsenkbe5107d ago

during the EA press conference they announced that Mass Effect 2 eas exclusive to the 360, which sucks as it is one of the few I want. Uncharted and Heavey Rain are owned by SONY.

callahan095107d ago

I hope it doesn't get announced for PS3. I'm looking forward to a lot of PS3 exclusives as it is, there aren't as many 360 exclusives I'm looking forward to. I've got my eye on Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, and Crackdown and that's it - and I didn't even like any of the other Splinter Cell games, but this one looks much cooler, so I'm hoping I can appreciate it like everyone else. Mass Effect 2 is the 360 exclusive that I am most looking forward to.

I like exclusives. Don't care if it's exclusive to PS3 or to 360, but I own both systems, the more exclusives on each of them, the better for me, to ensure I never get that feeling of redundancy for owning both platforms. Halo, Forza, Left 4 Dead, those don't interest me.

Christopher5107d ago

Either way I'm getting it. BioWare is just kicking RPG ass. EA's conference was a great one, much better than Microsoft's.

nycredude5107d ago

It would be crazy if they announce that Mass Effect 1 and 2 will be released on one Bluray disc!

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MGOelite5108d ago

maybe so but it would even out with the mgs going multiplat

cmrbe5108d ago

is overrated and boring. I really really don't care about ME2.

VC is ten times better and i would rather hear about another VC.

I rather see new exclsuive games tomrrow than this.

SnukaTheMan5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

I actually thought that myself since it took me 6 months to get back into the game after not playing it...But after I gave it a chance I loved it and enjoyed it. But then again anything microsoft has is in fact "overrated and boring" in your rhetoric crmbe

Omegasyde5108d ago

Sheesh, Just take Ninja Gaiden 2, or did you forget that Bioshock 2 will now be a multiplatform game as well.

Ms should of secured a timed exclusive with that title. Afterall, the game won game of the year 2007.

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XboxOZ3605108d ago

Personally I don't see what the fuss is about, Game Dev these days HAVE to mix the pack up a little. And like all dev's, what they say initially, never rings true later on. Epic's Oh no, this game will never play on the 360. Or no way, we're not doing a Gears Of War 2, 9 3 months later he's on a podium exhaulting the game which has been in production for 12 months.

Bioware under EA is not different .It will be a shared platform game, and if Sony get it up first, great, it's an excellent game, and to be honest, the 360 has a huge amount of games right now, another one this side of the financial year would make games not appreciate it even further.

mastiffchild5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

The same is already true of Sony(games already known to be coming out this financial year) and, for the life of me, I cannot see why anybody is either surprised elated or angry about the MGR "news"-Koj has been preparing everyone for a mp release(or even 360/PC only) for AAAGES. The rest of the MS show held exactlty ONE surprise for me worth noticing-L4D2?

Yep, SCC looked good but, like AW we knew it would, the guy from Forza actually put me off ever buying another of their games ever if I'm honest as I don't like arrongance in any field and until they've decimayed GT in terms of sales/critical acclaim this gen then nearly evrything he said was self obsessed nonsense and he should have let his game do the talkng, imo. I could go on about other things(Cliffy's new little game looking sh1t and The remaining Beatles just lost and embarrassed)but there's no point.

I think the way people have made this out to be the second coming is daft-most of it was expected and there won't be anything great at either Sony or Ninty's show either-or, should I say(as there was some great games in MS show really)nothing we don't already know loads about.

It's a malaise that affects E3 every year where people like to kid themselves that one or the other or all three console makers have lived up to the pre event hype when the truth is none of them ever do. MS just filled in a couple of blanks(release dates and gameplay vids)and gave us one or two mild surprises-nothing more however you dress it up but how could they? There's not enough time(or money for most gamers) to play and buy everything we already know about-how much room is there for any real surprises?

Maybe I'm hard to please but I just think this year's like last and I haven't been excited ny anything yet, don't see how anyone else has and don't predict anything great from Sony or Ninty either-if they bring more games where's the time and cash to play 'em coming from in an already busy schedule for us gamers? I'm losing hope in E3 to be much entertainment if I'm frank here.

Oh and ME2-not going to PS3. Without the first? Why would it? Sorry for being so depressed about this, the pre E3 hype always makes the event seem like crap to me.

Marie5108d ago

EA had their show today and again in the live showing only PC/360. They put up a new site today and again the FAQ list it as PC/360.

Rumor mongering once again.

XboxOZ3605108d ago

Errr umm mate, they haven't had their show yet, E3 doesn't start in the US until the 2nd and right now it's 10pm in LA on the 1st June, not the 2nd of June . . We have 4 guys going to it . . .

THWIP715108d ago

You are embarrassingly wrong, "mate". The WHOLE WORLD watched EA's presser today, IMMEDIATELY after MS's. :/

RememberThe3575108d ago

Ummm. Yes they did. I watched it.

It was after MS and before Ubisoft

really duh5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

This is so wrong. Microsoft let EA have it for their conference or maybe they agreed out of respect I'm sure the Big M was happy to have it as exclusive and didn't fight it lol.

KaBaW5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

What you smokin, bro? I think you needa lay off it for a min.. =P
The EA press conference started after Microsoft and before Ubisoft.
Tomorrow, June 2nd, will be Nintendo and Sony's press conference.
As well as the "Day 1" of E3. So, in that sense, E3 doesn't start till tomorrow.

But, MS, EA, and Ubi have already done there coverage..

GiantEnemyCrab5108d ago

XboxOZ: Are you sure you own a 360? You don't even know when the MS press and EA press briefings are?

That is hilarious but you're from Australia so I understand with the toilets all flowing backwards and stuff.. lol (kidding)


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gambare5108d ago

I'm right now on the after show of the Microsoft presentation and asking about ME2, they said it will be show later this year because there was no demo ready (the guards took my camera and I had a pic of something awesome coming from the PS3 show... you will have to wait tomorrow anyway I'm masking my IP to try to leak something later)anyway there will be something else about ME2 but later this year but no word about a PS3 version, just PC/360 and is coming to 360 first. Until then there will be some lurk on the devs log in kotaku.

TheHater5108d ago

can you give us a hint? What the first letter of the game?

ElementX5108d ago

And who the hell are you? Anyone can claim the bullshit you do. Prove yourself

lloyd_wonder5108d ago

PLEASE. No more leaks. Sony has their conference tomorrow and has had enough leaks. If you have a website you're trying to promote, I can't ask you to not leak it and understand if do wish to do so.

edit: How awesome? O_o

gambare5108d ago (Edited 5108d ago )

I just can say:

It's big, and maybe many gamers already know the game

about ME2 they will show it at EA show, no demo, it looks like the first mass effect but with the framerate fixed and bigger.

mm... as a 3d artist working for ***** they invite us to this kind of shows for job chances in the gaming media, and like some person here that leaked MGS:R we have some kind of info, but not all...

TwistedMetal5108d ago

he is on a spying mission at e3 to sneak documents of info we are not suppose to hear about yet.