No cross-plat play for Quake Wars

CVG reports that id's Kevin Cloud has confirmed that cross-platform play will not be featured in the upcoming Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Cloud explained that it isn't a case that it can't be done, but obviously a serious challenge to deliver a level playing field across platforms, "Consoles require a certain [adaptation], and that wasn't something that we wanted to take on".

However, he did say that id wants to bring the Quake Wars console experience "up to speed with the PC version... We may do some adjustments to bots, but we want the experience to be the same on PC and consoles."

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God of Gaming4268d ago

Yea, i dont see this happening for a while on ANY game.

Rooted_Dust4268d ago

I don't want my PC version to be gimped by any console version. You should always be able to push a game to the limits of your PC hardware not the static hardware of a console.

PureGamer4268d ago

awwww i wanted to bash the xbots and sony fanboys over a game of quake.

grifter0244268d ago

?? You want to bash yourself?? Why ohh every would you want to do that? I know you try to come off as a PC gamer but seeing your old post's you can truly see your true colors....(OR colours dont know how to spell it seen it spelled different ways ) God of gaming "ANY" game?? Have you heard of Shadowrun? Yaaaa.... good job though I mean if you were the "god" of gaming I guess you would have know that .. Huh guess not.. QuakeWars is going to be a good game thought cant wait I would really like to see some online action between the Ps3and 360 though.. That would be cool... Cant wait for the War..

Close_Second4268d ago

PC gaming is like Formula 1 - the team with the biggest budget often has the best everything. Teams with a lesser budget can't quite compete no matter how good the driver. Console gaming is like A1. All teams are equal and it comes down to the skill of the driver to determine the outcome.

PC's will always provide the ultimate gaming experience however, it obviously comes at a price. Consoles provide fantastic value for money considering their longevity. How many people are still playing games on their PCs released in 2000 without having upgraded any of the internals? Actually, how many games released today on the PC would actually run on a PC that was 7 years old?

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