How Wii can be "hardcore"

Wii has clearly been a massive success, especially with non-gamers, and the launch last Christmas was peppered with stories of whole families enjoying sessions of Wii Sports. Yet, aside from Zelda, it does seem to lack the 'hardcore' appeal that consoles have traditionally thrived on.

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Ps30074274d ago

And at 480p should be outdated by.... about 2 years ago!

Dlacy13g4274d ago

Umm....step one would be to call it something other than baby talk for "pissin". I don't know...maybe something like umm..."The revolution"?

Step two...change out the hardware to actually handle highend graphics and processes.

Step three....stop trying to make EVERY game use motion control and just let some traditional shooter/racer/fight games preside on the console with out the gimmick.

Step four.... there is none as none of the previous 3 will happen. Wii is NEVER going to be hardcore...the Mii all but ensures that. LOL

ItsDubC4274d ago

Does graphics even have anything to do w/ being hardcore? I'd consider Doom 1 to be more hardcore than Viva Piñata or LittleBigPlanet.

Care to explain to everyone what high-end "processes" ur talkin about which the Wii apparently can't do but that the 360 and PS3 can? I know of some, but I just wanna make sure ur not just making stuff up. Feel free to research if need be.

sajj3164274d ago

1. Create a Mario Brothers first person shooter. If there is no real blood, no worries ... I'd rather see chunks of mushroom flying all over the place.

2. Samus swimsuit calendar. Worked for the Dead or Alive girls.

3. Grand Theft Auto sandbox game staring Kirby

If they can toss in 720P support for HD gaming ... I wouldn't mind.

Black Republican4274d ago

the only way the nintendo wii could be hardcore is if they released a porn game for it.

PS360WII4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

As in playing alot of games!?! That's what I see hardcore as. I have and play about 9 or so games just for the Wii. I have about 3-4 games I play for 360 and 2 for the PS3. Now those games are what I'm playing now, not have, I HAVE way more games than that. With the VC the Wii wins outright for hardcore gaming action. Hardcore gaming isn't about what looks pretty it's about how much you play. IMO that is.

Oh and if Metroid isn't hardcore then no game is hardcore

sajj3164274d ago

I do agree with some of your points, don't get hardcore gaming confused with nostalgic gaming. In fact, what the heck is hardcore gaming? If I played Gears of War for 5 hours out of the day, am I hardcore or just stupid for wasting a good day of sunshine. I think the appropriate title is 'mature' gaming. Games that cater to more than the casual audience. Games that cater to the technophiles, firt person shooting lovers, and institutionalized psycopaths (just kiddin).

ITR4274d ago

I totally agree! If your a real hardcore gamer you play a lot of games and usually not on one sys.
A hardcore gamer back in the day was someone that spent day and night at the arcades and then at home playing his or her Atari, NES, C64 and those that import games and import consoles.

I still hit the arcade with $20-30 bucks to spend!

I currently have 9 Wii games and 3 VC games. The Wii gets 1-4 new games per week so there is no shortage of games with many Mature titles coming this yr and next.

My list of consoles:
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Atari Lynx
Atari Jaguar
Super Famicom
Panasonic Q (ver of the Gamecube that could play DVD's, CD's, and MP3's.
DS Lite
NEC SuperGrafx
NEC PC-Engine Duo
NEC PC-Engine GT
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega CD 32X
Panasonic 3DO
I only missed out on the NEO GEO....but I got most of those games on my PC-Engine Duo with it's Arcade Duo card.

Next up maybe a 360 Elite and PS3 with dualshock.

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