Spider-Man 3 catches Achievements, akin to flies

The sleuths over at Xbox 360 Achievements uncovered the Achievement list for May's Spider-Man 3. Looking over the list, it seems to cover all the free-roaming and mission based aspects of the game, similar to Crackdown, but in an SM context.

A cool thing in the game is a secret achievement that is simply listed as one in the details that isn't actually "hidden".

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God of Gaming4272d ago

Looks like a great list for a movie based bame!

Sphinx4272d ago

to get 800-900 of them.

DAKing2404272d ago

Great set of achievement!

PureGamer4272d ago

im getting this, cant wait to play as goblin :)

AzaziL4272d ago

i've been waiting so long to see the kingpin in one of these games, it's almost like they forgot about him until now.