Turning the Tables on In-Game Ad Design

In this article, Persuasive Games co-founder Ian Bogost uses the classic board game Monopoly to illustrate how game designers can use established brands to their advantage for in-game advertising.

In this excerpt, Bogost details how Hasbro's recent redesign of Monopoly, which replaces the classic edition's iconic tophat and shoe game pieces with branded ones such as a Toyota Prius, McDonald's French Fries, or a New Balance Running Shoe, can be looked at not as crass commercial outreaches, but as objects with 'tremendous cultural currency' for the player:

"Normally we might dismiss Hasbro's move as deliberately opportunistic and destructive. After all, Monopoly's branded tokens seem very similar to static in-game advertising (like the Honda Element that on the snowboard courses in SSX3). In a New York Times article about the new edition, the executive director of a consumer nonprofit did just that, calling the new edition "a giant advertisement" and criticizing Hasbro for taking "this low road."

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