100k Gamerscore barrier broken!

Step forward Stallion83, the first person to surpass 100,000 gamerpoints without cheating (i.e. no dodgy game saves, account trading or glitches along the way.)


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vidoardes4276d ago

Not having a XBox 360, this means very little to me, but it sounds like boy done good, so Weh hey for him! I advocate anyone gettign kick ass scores through hard work over cheating

dantesparda4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Whats considered "dodgy game saves", what or how exactly does "account trading" work and what are these "glitches" they speak of? im stilled owed like 3 or 4 achievement point from "Condemned" and my PDz ripped me off some achievements (i lost my beat the game on "perfect agent achievement"). And i've never dont anything shady (except make a japanese account to get their demo's but that aint bad, is it?

Hm, i got a bubble back, hm, i wonder if it was from people "plusing" me or from just getting them back slowly autonatically from time. Either way, one bubble feels better, no "consequences", but oh well

Keyser4276d ago

Cheating is so rampant that it does a gamer like myself well to see this guy did it all on pure talent. Kudos to this dude!!

ClayPige0n4276d ago

...take a look at his game history - 3 Enchant Arm saves? Two EveryParty? Is this considered being "legitimate"?

highps34276d ago

Why is this getting reposted... The strip club guy hit 100k of pure pointless nothing...

Ban Me4276d ago

Notice where it says "the first person to surpass 100,000 gamerpoints without cheating"

zonetrooper54276d ago

Yeh but this guy must be really rich and have no life, i'm sorry but if you already have 100,000K gamerscore and the system been out for about a year and a half to 2 years.

Hayabusa 1174276d ago

Apparently he has a girlfriend and he must get money to buy the games from somewhere...a girlfriend who loves him, or rich parents. none the less, he has 3 Enchanted game saves, and 2 bullet witch games. What's up with that?

TOM4275d ago

its called gamefly,and blockbuster.

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The story is too old to be commented.