She's a gamer and a model

Traditionally video games have been considered a male dominated world. When people think of the average gamer, one thing always seems to come to mind; nerds. Some envision a pale, white, skinny kid, with glasses or a big chubby guy with spaghetti sauce stains all over his shirt. Either way, it isn't a pretty site. As the gaming industry continues to thrive and becomes the leading source of entertainment, this image becomes less of a stereotype. We have come here to prove the traditional gamers' reputation absolutely wrong.

jesstray6538d ago

Now those are the type of screens shots that I like to see!

FadeToBlack6538d ago

More of those exisited *Sigh*

LK6538d ago


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XDefiant: Prone Mechanic Was Tested and Considered by Devs

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TheColbertinator1d 10h ago

I'd have to see this game for myself but it is giving me some red flags like The Finals.

excaliburps1d 4h ago

It's fun. It's like COD but with character abilities. Best thing is it's F2P, so barrier for entry is non-existent.

TheColbertinator10h ago

The weekend will give me a good chance to play it then

Kaii1d 7h ago

When your 3-6 games Into this and you encounter bunny hoppers o_O
*Views profile, played Modern Warfare 2019 for 3473 Hours.

It is somewhat enjoyable but its not helped when the enemy team is stacking 3 Echelons, that class needs to be removed.