LIVE on LIVE 40.5 - 360 Elite Discretion is Advised

Topics include…
Xbox 360 ELITE reactions: Are we getting screwed?
State of the Marketplace: Are you content with the content?
How important are collectors editions to you?
GTA4 Trailer Impressions! Still interested in the series?
YAY or NAY without Guitar Hero 2 and that fishing game.

Show Wrap-Up Discussion
Major Nelson interview announcement.
Catch a one minute "sneek-peek" preview of the interview!
2 new Halo 2 maps, 2 years later, 2 dollars each!
New Microsoft MVP's announced! Our salutes…
PGR3 Tournament Announcement! Grand Prize: Forza 2.
Guitar Hero 2 TODAY! Free 1600 MS Points at Circuit City?
EA and MTV announce "Rock Band" game out Holiday '07.
Gears of War Content, Wyoming SBG and more…

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Anego Montoya FTMFW5840d ago

"Elite Discretion is Advised" should be the name of the system.
or at least on the box.

sajj3165840d ago

nice one buddy. I think they should segregate gamers. Xbox Fantabulous for gay gamers. Xbox Xtreme for people who ride skateboards (ohhh ... they call them skateboarders ... now I get it). Xbox Hook'd Up for gheto people. Xbox E=MC2 for smart people. Xbox Spicey for Indians (I can say that cause I'm Indian). Oh man ... I can go on and on. Sorry if I offended anyone. I just couldn't control myself.

Silver Bull3t5840d ago

You should be a comedian!!!

no... not really.

i rule5840d ago

im counting the days until this comes out

NewfZ5840d ago

Why is this under PS3?

forget_1235840d ago

hahaha.. ya didnt realize till u said it.. and i looked at it.. hum.. = =

something bugged lol...

Steve5195839d ago

we also talked about the ps3 on the roundtable thats why