PlayStation 3 hardware sales plummet 82 per cent

Official Chart Track figures are in for the Playstation 3 and have revealed a sales drop of 82 per cent for the second week of release in the UK. says that Chart Track data is gathered from 7000 UK retail outlets representing 90 per cent of the software market, including GAME, Gamestation,, Asda and HMV.

A spokesperson for Chart Track confirmed the figure to this afternoon, stating: "Yes, sales of PS3 hardware have dropped by 82 per cent."

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Bigmac5734274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

No console will sell the same amount of consoles from launch week. Durrrrrrr.

Some simple math for you all:

Europe got a million PS3 units for it's launch, it sold about 600k.
That leaves 400k to sell, so immediately there sales would lower about 60%. This is not based on lack of customer interest, it's based on PS3 availability.

That additional 20% drop means that they sold about half of the remaining units (200k) this week, which is still very good. Why is this such a big surprise to everyone?

scarlett_rg4274d ago

Here's some simple (CORRECT) math for you all:

1 mil units shipped.

600k sold.

400k remain.

If Sony sold ALL 400k remaining units... their sales would have dropped by 33.33%. (ie. They would have sold 200k fewer units than previously. 200k unit drop in sales out of 600k (100% of previous sales) is a 33.33% drop in sales... not a 60% drop as claimed by Bigmac.) So a 33.33% drop would be their best case... as it assumes that they sold ALL of their remaining stock.

A 50% drop in sales would indicate that they sold 300k units.

And an 82% drop in sales means that they sold 108k units... not the 200k as claimed by Bigmac.

Bigmac man, get you numbers straight before you get on here and have a crap-load of people blindly believing them. And ESPECIALLY get them right if you're going to tell people that it's "simple math".

(I haven't read the remaining comments, so not sure if anyone else posted proper numbers... but the ones I supplied above are correct (assuming that the article headline is correct).)

Bill Nye4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Technically both of your conclusions are unfounded because the findings in the article are only from the UK.

And, no, I'm not suggesting there wasn't a drop in sales everywhere else in Europe.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind)

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vidoardes4274d ago

Comment of the year. Give that man a hat!

darx4274d ago

I will take the drunk uncle. I am always up for fun.

SmokeyMcBear4274d ago

ah yes.. that was an awesome comment, just classic, you're drunk uncle,

mandrake4274d ago

Which one of the three would you swap dirty jokes with?

ammojoe4274d ago

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there..

Also Known As4274d ago

although i don't agree with it i'd have to yield way to the fact that your comment is pure genius. give that man another bubble.

Hayabusa 1174274d ago

Seeing as I play games for fun, I'll hang out with the drunken uncle :)

specialguest4274d ago

Whether it's 100% accurate or not, this comment deserves to be comment of the week. hahaha

Joe4274d ago

You buy a console to have fun!!!

Drunk Uncle all the way dude!!!

m234274d ago

YES, that has to be one of the best comments ever, that was hilarious

Blackmoses4274d ago

Man that is the Crown Jewel of all comments..... LOl that is sooo freakin' funny!!!!! LMAO.

FeralPhoenix4274d ago

You keep cutting & pasting the same silly analogy, which doesn't make much sense when you consider that most child abuse cases are a result of PARENTS who molested, neglected, and otherwised abused their own maybe you should tell your Sony-Daddy you're old enough to tell now. -LOL

CyberSentinel4274d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

And like many Sony fans, their still living at "HOME", with Mommy and Daddy, and need their parents help to buy their Raystation 3. Come over to "Uncle" CyberSentinel's Crib, I've got something for all you Lemmings, that will help you pay for that PoS3.

@ Anego Montoya: I guess you think your comments make you "mature"? perhaps even "clever"? Think about this, Sony only has MGS4, do you really think 50 gigs are really needed for MGS4? Do you really think it will have more "gameplay time" then Oblivion? No. It will be nothing more then 10 gigs (if that) of game data, 40 gigs of FMV. I can guarantee it wont have more then 40 hours (if that) of gameplay. Lemmings like you, really believe Blu-ray will be utilized for gaming data storage this generation. I will make a bet with Lemmings...If MGS4 has more "gameplay" then Oblivion, (estimated 200 hours) then I will leave theses forums for good. If it does NOT have more gameplay time then oblivion, (after all its so HUGE it NEEDS blu-ray) then all lemmings make a mass exodus. Any takers??? I didn't think so.

@ Anego Montoya: Another fact to consider, it was alot easier for Konami to have a "hit" on PS2 when the last console generation was dominated by the same brand platform, you have a 200+ instal base, and ZERO competition. All you needed where 3 million sales to have a "Hit" title. This time you don't even have a 3 million fan base. If and when Konami is FORCED to accept the truth and try to bum their crappy game onto my "GAMING" console of choice, I hope sales are dismal. I will laugh uncontrollably at my computer screen, with My finger pointed at the monitor and say, "I told you so! HA-HA! Lemmings!!!".

Blind Lemmings, You Can't Win.

RJ20004274d ago

Just remember... dont' fall down face first after he drugs you.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4274d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

It`s Only MY opinion.
but i believe it to be true.

Honestly thou, if you agree or not how can ya say ya want the drunk uncle takin advantage of ya, it goes to show ya some people will say ANYTHING to defend theirs.

That`s just creepy, your talkin to a bunch of guys.
and what are you 12? "raystation" seriously......."raystati on"
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To everybody else thanks for the bubbles.

@ cybersentinal
Oblivion huh, that`s probaly why it doesn`t work as well on the 360 as it does on the ps3.
No MGS4 will not be longer than oblivion.
But it`ll will look a hell of alot better.
and that takes up space.(yes even during gameplay.
I can tell you one thing it will be longer and more in depth than Gears and look better.
Stop responding it just makes ya look dumber than you already do.

CyberSentinel4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

@ Anego Montoya: "Oblivion huh, that`s probaly why it doesn`t work as well on the 360 as it does on the ps3."

Fact: Oblivion received a better score, EVERYWHERE, for the X-360 then the RayStation. Look it up Lemmings.

P.S. Learn how to spell.

Illiterate Lemmings, CyberSentinel Loves You.

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ThaGeNeCySt4274d ago

i guess it looks worse since they were breaking sales records with their launch

Black Republican4274d ago

and before all of you PS3 haters come here and start bashing it.

Remember do all the bashing you want but either way you look at it
the PS3 launch was better and has beat the X360 and Wii launch.

OK their was Wii and X360 shortages,
SO the PS3 still sold more at launch, and that's the bottom line.

Black Republican4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

double post