Official Halo: Reach Trailer

The official trailer for Halo:Reach

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XBoX360IsJunk2135521d ago

Really are u serous another one......

Its getting old Plz Make Something new

iHEARTboobs5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

I thought ODST was Bungie's last Halo?

Foxgod5521d ago

Seems not, which could mean that peter jacksons halo is going to come in 2011, and Halo 4 probably in 2012, perhaps an XboxNext launch title.

theEnemy5520d ago

They will somehow manage to make these out of halo:

-fighting game
-halo sports
-halo music
-halo racing
-halo puzzle

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ambientFLIER5520d ago

Just because there's one Halo title that deviated from the FPS formula, doesn't mean that they are milking the franchise. Besides, an RTS fit into the Halo universe perfectly. It IS a large scale battle between two opposing forces...

irish-leprecaun5520d ago

far worse things have been said and not dealt with!! the moderators are pure clowns.
let me guess i will be deleted for that too??

CRAIG6675520d ago

is bunjie's last halo,halo reach is buinjie's first halo(with a microsopft development team fully in tow)

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IQUITN4G5521d ago

I'd happily wager Reach not using the Halo3 Engine but even if it wasn't, it would still quite easily wipe the floor with K2

terrandragon5521d ago

OK, I'm just going to say it. Killzone 2 is NOT the BEST GAME EVAR!

LinuxGuru5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

lol nothing on this planet besides the CryEngine (and even so, only on PC) can wipe the floor with Killzone 2.

That's irrefutable fact.

SaberEdge5521d ago

Killzone 2's graphics are great, but definitely over hyped. Lighting is good, but there is quite a bit of low-res shadow maps and aliasing. The textures are decent, but nothing special. Quite a bit of slow down in some parts as well.

In terms of fun and core gameplay mechanics Killzone 2 is nowhere near as fun as Halo in my opinion.

Dead_Cell5520d ago

The A.I in itself should win them an award,it's been a VERY long time since I was tested that thoroughly skill-wise in a First Person Shooter.

PistolPumptMonk5520d ago

Slowdown in KZ2? What game are you playing?

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SpartanZero5521d ago

This is gonna get higher scores than Kilzone 2

tatotiburon5521d ago

and higher numbers of online players

LTC5521d ago (Edited 5521d ago )

sites which havn't even played it are gonna give it 10/10. For the sole reason its a Halo fps and its on xbox.

LinuxGuru5521d ago

lol @ OP + first two comments.

You guys like giving eachother handjobs on news comment boards? Because by the looks of it, you guys are havin' a ball!


All Time Greatness5520d ago

lol Halo:Reach??? Halo 3 already does all that and it was released a year and a half earlier! ha

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