E3 2009: Microsoft press conference review

This year sees E3 trying to return to its roots after a disastrous 2008 show. One of the biggest parts of any E3 show is the console manufacturers' press conferences. They typically range from the epic (introduction of the Wii) to the horribly, horribly wrong (introduction of the PS3 and real-time weapon changing). So how did this year go for Microsoft?

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Forrest Gump3519d ago


Good,but could've been better.Tomorrow will bring forth something special,or should I say...someone special :) ?

Yi-Long3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

... first of all, I can care less about the whole 'XBL-experience', cause here in Holland, we're usually left with bits and scrapes, and not the huge amount of content you get over there in the USA.
Not to mention I don't care about FaceBook or Twitter, and internet-speeds here in Holland for many people aren't all that great.

2nd of all, I'm not very interested in the whole wavy-wavy stuff. I prefer to play my games with a normal controller, sitting/lyying down.

So for me, all I'm REALLY interested in, is the games.

Alan Wake looked dated (gameplay-wise). It seems they went for a Silent Hill/Resident Evil type gameplay in a X-files horror-vibe. It's just not for me. I was under the impression it would be a mature adventure/thriller. I guess it isn't.

Forza 3 looked better than I expected. I was a big fan of the 1st, and a big critic of the 2nd (too much of the same thing, not enough tracks, boring tracks, DLC-scamming; It just felt like Forza 1.5, or Forza HD)
I like that the tracks look more interesting now, with a bit more originality and 'fun' to them, instead of boring realistic real-life tracks. Let's hope there are enough of them, and they won't DLC-scam us again.

Splinter Cell also looked interesting. I was a huge fan of the first 3 SC games. We'll see if this new game can deliver, but I'm glad they got rid of the hobo-look we saw in the previews 2 years ago.

MGS: I was psyched for about 1 minute, and then they said 'No Snake, it's Raiden!', and my excitement pulled a gun out and shot itself.

That 2.5D game looked nice.

Other than that, I really didn't get excited about any of it. I don't caremuch about Halo, so that was just meh. Crackdown 2 could be great, but they didn't show much of it, and Final Fantasy XIII could be cool, but let's hope they include an option for the japanese voices.

I'd rate the show a C-. I guess the more interesting games will have to come from 3rd party developers.

Hydrolex3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Way overhyped !

Microsoft is always good at overhyping !

BattleAxe3518d ago

I'd give it a 7/10. Close, but no cigar....

Shadow Flare3518d ago

Did microsoft announce any new exclusives at e3?

Panthers3518d ago

facebook and twitter are dumb, but the M$ conference was great. I am loving ME2. BioWare is great. Cant wait for The Old Republic from them.

caladbolg7773518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Quoted from the article:
"Final Verdict
Microsoft came out swinging this year and went for the throat with big title announcements and big feature additions. The exclusive content is not as big a deal as they make it, and likely neither is Project Natal. However, big titles like Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Left for Dead 2 are major points for the Xbox 360. The added music and video features mean that Microsoft has finally truly positioned their box as the center of a home theater fairly well. It didn’t have the knock out punch many were hoping for, but it certainly has Sony and Nintendo on the ropes.

Grade B+"

I agree with some of the author's sentiment, however I think that he puts too much weight on the "big titles" that he uses as examples. There was very little information about Halo: Reach, Left4Dead2 is primarily a PC title (and if you've played L4D on both the PC and XBOX360 then you'd wish they would have kept it that way), and MGS Rising is multiplatform. Props to RealTimeWorlds (AHEM), I mean Ruffian, on Crackdown 2. The new features announced are cool, but when it all boils down we're all GAMERS here. We care about the games. And with that in mind, I feel that Microsoft didn't drive it home.

IMO, Microsoft deserves a solid "C". Better luck next year.

All Time Greatness3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Microsft announced 15 new games today.(with gameplay or newly announced)

We've already seen GOW 3/GT5/Uncharted and the no-namers like MAG and Heavy Rain. It's all already seen and has been for years talked about. haha.

Pray Sony announces at least half that many tommorrow, they won't.

SaberEdge3518d ago

It was a excellent showing. Several MAJOR exclusives, a few surprise games, awesome announcements with regard to new features for the 360 UI and Xbox LIVE, and some very impressive demonstrations of the Project Natal technology. Awesome all around.

I predict Sony is going to have a great showing as well, and they are going to need to because Microsoft nailed it this year.

3518d ago
Viper73518d ago

Yeah this "review" is the closest to my opinnion as well. It was pretty good show, no boring graphs or anything really that bad. Quite few interesting games like Alan wake, Splinter cell, Forza etc.

Couldn't care any less about motion controls tough, I mean sixaxis and wiimote do work well occasionally, but these full body control things just seem to be bringing only mini games. Too bad first person "virtual reality" type of games seem still pretty far away to get excited about this kind of features.

It was a good show, but nothing unbeatable. B+ would be my grade for it too. For better show there should have been more 1st party exclusives and new games not just sequels.

SL1M DADDY3518d ago

They are showing some great titles like Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 along with Forza 3 but Halo, is not my cup of tea, MGSR was a rendered trailer (though I don't doubt it will be good), and the whole Milo and camera gimmick stuff was just that, a gimmick. In the end, I waited nearly two hours to hear about three games that sound remotely interesting to me.

It deserves a B.

StephanieBBB3518d ago

The big spider boss glitched and dissapeard so they had to cut it short to cover it up. Pretty funny.

Yi-Long3518d ago

"1.10 - LOL...
Yi long... if you gave C to ms e3 conference, then i cant imagine what MS has to do to earn your A"


Well, like I explained in my first post, I couldn't care less about the XBL-experience and wavey-wavey stuff. Also the Tony Hawk thing looks kinda pointless and I rather play a game like Skate 3 or something. Maybe TH will surprise me and it might actually be fun, but I ain't excited about it.
MGS was disappointing because of the "no Snake" thing, Alan Wake looked outdated (gameplay-wise), I'm not a fan of the Halo series so that didn't do much for me either, etc etc.

So apart from Splinter Cell and Forza 3 looking much better than I expected, and a 2.5D shooter that looked interesting, I really didn't care all that much about the whole showing.

Now, your question was how they could earn an 'A' from me. I admit, that would be hard. Here's how they could come close though:

- Announce and show an interesting new game by Tomonobu Itagaki (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden), and preferably a fighter or new Ninja adventure/action game ofcourse.

- The 360 needs some 3d platformers that are as good as Ratchet and Clank and Mario Galaxy, which would have a cool interesting character and story, and great gameplay in a colorful fun world. (And RARE isn't delivering)

- I'd love to see them just push their arcade line-up more, with interesting 2D games in HD. Not just ports or remakes, but also original stuff. I want a new 2d Sonic game that is as good as the first 2 games on the Megadrive. I want a great looking Turrican game (Amiga classic).

- Microsoft could bring a huge new Flight Sim to Xbox Live, in a huge world so everyone can go and fly where and when they want, and see other XBL-members also enjoying themselfs in the sky. The possibilities are absolutely endless for stuff like this.

- Why doesn't Microsoft just buy the rights to Shenmue, and make Shenmue 3!? Why not work ALOT more closely with Sega!? Bring Madworld in HD to the 360. Bring Crazy Taxi HD to Arcade. Ask the team that made F-Zero for the Gamecube to make a futuristic racer for 360, that would blow Sony's WipeOut away. Etc etc etc.

- Introduce a Microsoft Sports brand, which will make great soccer/basketball/whatever games that would rival EA's and Konami's etc efforts. You could even go for a less realistic style of games that will let you use your avatars, and thus going for a Mario Soccer/NBA Street kinda gameplay. Again, the opportunities are endless.

- Make the green controller (the one with improved D-Pad) the STANDARD controller. All the 2D games and fighters will benefit from that. The only big complaint with the otherwise great 360 controller is the D-pad, and the green controller has adressed and fixed that problem. It should replace the old controller.

Etc etc etc. I could go on for hours.

If they'd announce and show stuff like that, THAT would get me REALLY excited. Like I said, I'm pretty much only interested in the games, and what they showed last night wasn't all that interesting to me. Perhaps the 3rd party developers will have some cool 360 surprises up their sleeves :)

pixelsword3518d ago

You mean this? Yeah, the boss froze, then it disappeared so they paused it and cut it short. You could hear Cliffy say "yeah, gotta love it" and the other guy with the cut-off mic say something about this being just a demo, so yeah it looks like another glitch-fest from Epic.

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Spike473519d ago

more multiplatform games vs. more AAA exclusives ;)

Montreafart3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

As for the article:

"This year sees E3 trying to return to its roots after a disastrous 2008 show. One of the biggest parts of any E3 show is the console manufacturers' press conferences. They typically range from the epic (introduction of the Wii) to the horribly, horribly wrong (introduction of the PS3 and real-time weapon changing). So how did this year go for Microsoft?"

Oh so now its suddenly a disastrous 2008 showing? Article makes it appear that MS redeemed themselves somehow and that they deserve an award for it. But the fact is, all these fking gaming sites, despite the fact that MSs E3 2008 show was horrible, all gave MS the win.

The filth known as xbots will do anything to put the 360 in the lights. ANYTHING, people.

ROFL what a letdown MSs E3 conference was. And as expected, they didnt had any real games to show for. More halo spin offs. Left4dead 2 already announced when the game is merely 6 months old? Lol, my stupid bot friend, let me tell you that they just renamed Left4dead DLC as L4D2 and charge you the full retail price for it. Hahaha sucker.

Alan vaporware, the game that was supposed to be the groundbreaking Killzone2 graphics killer, rofl. That piece of shiat is now OFFICIALLY VAPORWARE. You told us to wait, we waited and Alan failed. Time to wake up like Alan, bot.

FF13 premiered on the box and it looks like shiat compared to the PS3 demo. The limitations of the box shown yet again.

Splinter cell looks like crap. They tried to tell you that they didnt scrap the plans, models, designs of the table. But the whole game looks different now so who the fk are they kidding. And it still looks like shiat.

MGS rising, a MGS spin off, for PS3, 360 and PC. Depending on how this turns out, I may or may not get it. But watch the real MGS franchise game announced for the PS3 only TODAY, stupid bot.

Modern warfare 2, so you get 9 days of timed exclusiveness for the maps. ROFL whats that gonna do. You bet your ass MS asked them for exclusiveness and Infinity ward looked at PS3 sales and said, fk you MS. We give you 9 days for the DLC. Thats all we can do. Hahaha.

EPICs "big" announcement turned out to be an ARCADE game. Again, where are the titles boy. Youre stuck with nothing but rehashes and trash.

Forza 3 is shiat compared to the real deal, GT5. And everyone knows it. I love how the guy went on stage and went apeshit, repeating himself over and over again trying to convince the crowd how Forza 3 has no competition with over 400 cars (GT4 already had 500 cars rofl).

And the crowd knew he was lying and didnt clap at the end. ROFL talk about humiliation.

Again, where are the games turd. Honestly, it seems like 360 has run out of steam. The little bit of exclusives they can secure, are limited to small time, irrelevant, DLC content.

Natal is vaporware. If you are willing to spend 200 bucks so you can wave your arms around for YOURE IN THE MOVIES, LIPS and that kind of mini casual crap, then be my guess. You cant use it to play Halo or Gears anyway. ROFL OWNED.

What has Sony in store? Listen buddy, take a look at this list and behold the meaning of AWESOMENESS. Now those are REAL GAMES.

Uncharted 2
God of war 3
Heavy Rain
MGS exclusive title

Listen buddy, you have been outmatched. I love how that little guy from MS took a stab at Nintendo and said, "we are going to show nothing but games and no charts"

Thats funny considering Sony was the only one who did that last year and MS didnt do kahoopie last year. And the bots claimed MS "won" last year. If thats so, then why are they copying Sony's approach?

All your filthy lies are getting exposed everyday, bots.

As for this pathetic article of an article. Why would there be a remake of MGS4? Whats that gonna do. Look the same? Do these people actually make any sense. And MGS2 looks damn fine last time I played it on my PC.

SaberEdge3518d ago

Sony better have some better games to announce than those because those games aren't going to be enough to go against what Microsoft has coming for the 360.

Uncharted 2
God of war 3
Heavy Rain
MGS exclusive title

Uncharted 2 and GOW3 are going to be awesome games for sure, but the other games have a lot to prove or are not even announced.

Uncharted 2 is going to have to go against games like Splinter Cell Conviction and Left4Dead 2, while GOW3 isn't coming out until 2010 and will have to go against Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake.

Based on what has already been announced I would say the 360 easily has the better lineup. However, I know that Sony is going to have a few surprises in store so I think it would be best if people would hold off on comparing the lineups until we have a better idea of what the lineups are actually going to be for the year.

Montreafart3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Heavy rain has a lot to proof but Alan Vaporware does not, am I correct?

You bots are fking disgusting. Alan wake is VAPORWARE, kid. The demo they showed was absolute garbage. It doesnt come close to the shadow of Heavy Rain.

Whiteknightchronicles and demons souls have already proven to be superior titles than Mass effect 2, the trailer of which was not very impressive. Still stuck with last gen designs and graphics.

God of war 3 EATS splinter cell and L4d "DLC" (lets face it, its DLC)

Uncharted 2, Wipe Out HD expansion, MAG, GT5, Yakuza 3, Fat princess, LBP DLC, TRICO, and more.

MAG is 256 players, bro. When is the 360 going to have more than 15vs15?

If you were honest, you would admit that 360 has nothing on the PS3.

The games they showed yesterday were all meh at best. And the most interesting part was Natal which is VAPORWARE.

Man_of_the_year3518d ago

Wow Montreafart...look at all those 2010 titles. I guess you are saying that most of your anticipated titles will not be this year.

The only games that MS showed that was FFXIII and Alan Wake.
Alen Wake was showed because they needed too or else people would have thought it was vapourware. FFXIII is releasing with the PS3 version in NA.

Your as pathetic as they come Montreafart.

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La Chance3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

It was a good show.

crackdown 2

Splinter Cell : that looked really really exciting.Ubisoft did one great job in my opinion.Thanx for "going back to the drawing board" lol


halo ODST

Forza 3 : looked fantastic but is it me or does look a lot like PGR rather than forza

All for 2009.Project Natal looks very promising too, curious to see what theyre going to do without when it comes to "hardcore" games and not casual material.

Im a little dissapointed that Alan Wake is 2010 and that they didnt show anything from Rare.

And being a MGS fan as well as FF fan, (yep former ps2 fanboy up here)
Kojimas announcement just freaking made my day!! Thanx Kojima !!

fadeawayjae3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Except for JoyRide and Epic's games

All Time Greatness3518d ago

Alan Wake- Brand New

Crack down - 2 year old IP

Mass Effect 2 - 2 year old IP

Left 4 Dead - 1 year old IP

and yea alot of known Big Franchises. Splinter Cell/Halo/Forza

SaberEdge3518d ago

So? Those are all huge games that people have been wanting. They also have Alan Wake (which looks awesome, btw) and Shadow Complex.

The known PS3 lineup is also filled with primarily sequels: Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time (8?), GT5, etc. Sure, there is also Heavy Rain and maybe a couple other games, but the 360 has a few new franchises as well.

The Microsoft event was exceptionally good. Quit trying to spin it. It only makes you look desperate.

N4PS3G3519d ago

yeah yeah sure

just like last year ..less exclusive playsation franchise ..less reasons to buy ps3 for casuals and hardcore

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