THC CELL5531d ago

wow something sony has always had
the eye toy

user8586215531d ago

sucks 4 people already had old xbox cameras

jahcure5531d ago

As a technology enthuast that was actually cool. I always knew the gesture control was coming but i always assumed it would be through sony with the eyetoy (after seeing the pet last year) however, voice recognition, facial recognition, profile matching...come on....... that was incredible

Lionsguard5531d ago

I've always been on the side of Sony but even I can't deny that this blows the eyetoy into pieces. The problem is that when Sony demoed the eyetoy they made really cool boasts and showed us what it CAN do such as that water and cup demo but then the problems arise afterwards....They didnt do ANYTHING with the eyetoy. They could of incorporated it much better into LBP but they didnt. It's completely useless, where as here Natal has full body motion sensor, you have to understand that's leagues beyond the eyetoy. I hope Sony has some serious trump cards up their sleeves like a FF7 remake + Sequel + Movie Sequel deal otherwise with the Loss of Metal Gear and the oncoming of Natal, Sony is looking to lose this year's E3 again. Well at least I'll get to play my 360 more.

Montreafart5531d ago

Second of all, you realize Natal is massive VAPORWARE, right?

It does Youre in the movies, Lips, puzzle quest, mini casual shiat games.

And of course, you get to browse through the movies by using your Im soo impressed.

The fking shiat is vaporware, bro. You cant use Natal to play Halo, Tekken, Crackdown, Gears of whatever. And thats really what 99% of the bot fanbase bought the console for. SHOOTERS mainly.

Can you imagine?

Nicks goes online.
James sends Nick a message: "yo bro, havent seen you online for the last three days...ermm wanna draw an elephant and colour it?"
Nick goes offline.

Plus there is mention that the thing, Natal, costs up to 200 bucks. With facial technology, voice recognition and more of that shiat, I wouldnt be surprised if thats real.

Thats a massive pricetag for the ability to wave your arms around when youre browsing movies.

Personally, Ill pass and wait for Sony's bullet vest technology. Now thats IMMERSION.

Lionsguard5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

Vaporware? You do realize that a product has to be announced then no word of it is mentioned for years then just disappears from the public to be considered vaporware right? How can it be vaporware if they JUST announced it. 2-3 years from now and no word of Natal then ok come back and spout your crap but seriously You have to be a pretty dense mother F'er to deny that this is a good leap into the future. Can you play Tekken, Halo on Natal? maybe not but Natal is a good leap in the right direction. Oh and it's funny that you think Sony has some kind of "bullet vest" idea for "immersion" while blasting Natal to be vaporware because few years or a decade back there was also such an idea for a vest like feature for a videogame system WHICH DID become vaporware. The name escapes me of course but I do remember seeing in a magazine article but then word about it. Sony was great at the PS1 and PS2 but it's as if they replaced their entire staff with monkeys this time around. I hate to admit it but the 360 as of RIGHT NOW has the upper hand. Let's see what Sony has up their sleeves tomorrow.

Just had to add that you may think waving your arms around to move the menu is a stupid idea, but we've been asking Sony for years to incorporate a "minority report" like motion control for the eyetoy yet MS beat them to the punch.

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popcan5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

eye think this will destroy the competition

GWAVE5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

Lol. So, what was once "casual" (Eyetoy and Wii motion) is now "OMG AWESOME!!!" now that Microsoft has shown it.

So, what was once "just a bunch of cutscenes" (Metal Gear series) is now "OMG! MEGATON ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (Metal Gear Raiden)

Oh, I shouldn't be so mean. Let the 360 owners have their fun...

I must say, however, that Project Milo from Lionhead looks cool. Emphasis on "looks", though. It's always an issue of "how will it actually play?" when it comes to Peter Molyneux's games.

Forrest Gump5531d ago

Is that why he was clapping for himself when everyone else wasn't?

It looks like something kids will want,but the current Xbox 360 fanbase won't embrace it.

I_am_rushin5531d ago

The only reason I personally can't embrace something like this is because it makes you look like a f**king idiot. I don't want to wave my hands and pretend I'm unscrewing a car tire. I don't want to try on virtual clothes. I would rather go shopping, as much as I hate shopping.

solideagle15531d ago

that was some serious is revolutionary i believe. lets see what SONY has to offer.


jahcure5531d ago

The gimmicky games...epic fail. But the dashboard control, the painting and that weired AI doll was kinda cool overall. This was the best e3 presentation i've seen in a while.

Alan Wake actually looks meh..but that's just my opinion. Reminded me of alone in the dark

Nineball21125531d ago

All of this just screams "Casual Gaming!" to me... however, I'd like to see how this would be implemented in an action / FPS / strategy game.

Who knows... this could very well change how games are played, but right now I don't see it.

I have to admit it seems very interesting.

chrisnick5531d ago

this was pure trash until they showed milo.

mint royale5531d ago

It looked really cool and innovative. Lets see what they aim to do with it before you trash it eh? There are plenty of people on here downplaying whatever has been announced and calling those excited fanboys without realising that they are being fanboy idiots themselves because the only reason they are having a go is becuase it was MS that announced it.

peacock15531d ago

Imagen trying to play Call of duty, Halo, or fifa with those controls.

Seriously, the demo girl looked tired after 3minutes of that breakout game.

I blame nintendo.
Cool gimmick though.

blind-reaper5531d ago

the technology DO look waaay better and more responsive than Nintendo's one this and MGS announcement are things that put me wonder what is going to happen in the industry.

ChozenWoan5531d ago

Milo sucked but the use of Natal in general looks great. Nice integration with the dashboard and some potentially great games could be made with it.

FamilyGuy5531d ago

M$ had a REALLY good conference. really great ideas, though they weren't the first to have them they WILL be the first to utilize them on a gaming console.

They really... I dont know, most of their new apps (for lack of a better word) are like pc things. Most if not all can be done on pcs but with Xbox there is now support behind the ideas.

metal Gear was expected as was a motion sensing device but them being able to do one of sony's broken promises/claims was really a show stopper for me.
I'm referring to sharing all your media experiences with friends. PS Home spaces were supposed to do that but it was exnade for legal reasons(?)

Anyway, that Natal thing will probably win best in show for being so... accurate. REAL motion sensing, it can get more precise but it is definitely far ahead its competition. It's what the PS3Eye was supposed to be but the tech was not as far along.

Beast_Master5531d ago

The main thing about this is how can you incorporate FPS, action and RPGs with this tech? I don't think you can, which is why it will stay casual and may not be the difference maker MS is hoping for. Rumor is Sony will has a Motion sensing controller where an IR camera picks up a controller in your hand. This may be better suited for FPS, and action games, which is where the hardcore are. We will see.

Overall I thought they had a nice confrence. I don't own a 360, but at some points I wished I did. Then Don Mattrick came out and made me want to punch him in the face, along with the Nadal guy, and Forza 3 dude. MS needs to learn to talk about there own strengths and not take jabs at the competition. Jack Trenton doesn't do it. And Reggie only remarks about the experience of Nintendo not showboating like a Prick.


It's an EyeToy/Eye rip-off indeed, but MS was smart enough to get the selling point for this thing right out of the box, which is OS integration.

For sure it will need time to come, maybe Sony have their Minority Report like controls for XMB and some in-game menus even before MS put Natal/Milo out, but it will look like Sony is the one fallowing, since MS put the placeholders. Pretty smart.

Afterall, both would just be late if you think people are asking for this stuff since PS2.

Not to mention, these are pretty redundandt way to try put Wii down... Sony has 2 consoles out with motion tracking cameras, 360 being more one in the market won't help that much. The success of the Wii with motion controls is that this is the primary mode of control for the games. Ninty make a high stake, but one that is paying off.

Charlie_Shene5531d ago

In German "Natal" means Death to the Hardcore Gamer.

ShabzS5531d ago

if u think this is a gimmik ... either u havent seen the demos or ur just plain retarded... this right here is industry defining ... facial recognition? voice recognition? motion capture?... ur kidding urself to down play this ... this is probably the best thing to come out of that conference... not a new metal gear, not a new crackdown, not a new left for dead ... THIS