Preview : Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

From CVG: "A stunning yet blindingly obvious fact strikes you when you're first playing Quake Wars, something that sets in just after the first moments of exhilaration. For me, it came a few seconds after I'd strapped myself onto a Husky quad-bike and roared over a series of ingeniously placed dips, jumps and ramps into the fray, leaping over the metal cases of slower GDF tanks trundling from right to left below me. That fact is, quite simply, that you've been here before.

It's been lost in the amazing visuals, the filthy gut-sucking tactics of the Strogg, the cavalcade of beautifully chunky vehicles and the advent of the much-fabled megatexture - but the clue is in the name: Enemy Territory. The game feels just like Wolfenstein:
Enemy Territory - a stronger more solid variant on it, perhaps - but the vibe's still there. If you try really hard, you can still just about smell the Nazis."

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Schmitty076181d ago

Imagine the possibilities w/ XBL